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Don’t Fall for the Longtermism Sales Pitch w/ Émile Torres

October 20, 2022 1:3:44 45.92 MB Downloads: 0

Paris Marx is joined by Émile Torres to discuss the ongoing effort to sell effective altruism and longtermism to the public, and why they’re philosophies that won’t solve the real problems we face.

Émile Torres is a PhD candidate at Leibniz University Hannover and the author of the forthcoming book Human Extinction: A History of the Science and Ethics of Annihilation. Follow Émile on Twitter at @xriskology.

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The podcast is produced by Eric Wickham and part of the Harbinger Media Network.

Also mentioned in this episode:

  • Émile recently wrote about the ongoing effort to sell longtermism and effective altruism to the public.
  • Peter Singer wrote an article published in 1972 arguing that rich people need to give to charity, which went on to influence effective altruists.
  • NYT recently opined on whether it’s ethical for lawyers to defend climate villains.
  • Nathan Robinson recently criticized effective altruism for Current Affairs.
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