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Rails SaaS and a Shaved Stache

October 21, 2022 0:30:29 58.52 MB Downloads: 0

[00:04:11] Jason and Andrew have a chat about seeing Drew Bragg at the Rails SaaS Conference and things they enjoyed about it.

[00:07:50] We hear about all the talks at the conference from Nadia Odunayo, Joe Masilotti, Michael Buckbee, Don Pottinger, Adam Pallozzi, and Saron Yitbarek.

[00:15:27] We learn why the guys had to leave the intergalactic cantina early, and they tell us about more of the talks from Todd Dickerson, Colleen Schnettler, Evan Phoenix, and Mike Coutermarsh.

[00:21:26] Jason’s explains his fun talk on the Rails Renaissance, find out why Andrew sat up front for it, and the last talk from Andrew Culver, who went through a lot of Bullet Train things.  

[00:24:12] Jason gives a shout-out to Paula, the makeup artist, and we hear what she did to Jason’s mustache.

[00:26:19] Andrew gives a big shout-out to Andrew Culver who organized the conference and making it so much fun. 

[00:26:56] Jason announces he’s finally working on his Active Record Course stuff now, and Andrew tells us about how he’s been working on Kredis.

[00:28:23] We end with a story about how Jason slipped out of the shower and now has a bruise the size of an IHOP pancake on his leg.


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