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BridgetownConf, Pagination, HTTP/3 & Actionable Errors

November 18, 2022 0:39:33 75.95 MB Downloads: 0

[00:01:21] We hear about Andrew’s talk at BridgetownConf.

[00:07:31] Since Chris is getting up so early these days, he talks about how productive he feels programming early mornings and late nights, and Andrew shares how addicting it can be to slip into the zone and end up working into the wee hours of the night.   

[00:08:47] Chris brings up a college memory and having different sleep schedules, and he gives an update from last week’s convo about the new updated missing template error page.

[00:15:29] Andrew had a problem last week with passing params around. He wonders if Chris has run into weird issues with Turbo and Pagy, and then explains the problem he had hoping someone out there can help him fix it. Any takers?

[00:20:18] We find out some issues Chris had with pagination stuff.

[00:21:39] Chris brings up 37signals and a new blog where they had a new pagination thing posted.

[00:23:48] Andrew mentions Planet Scale blogging about something new for pagination called, FastPage.

[00:25:23] There’s conversation on having support, working on tickets, and what the new Hatchbox does better now since Chris made some changes. 

[00:28:50] Chris has been playing with the new Caddy supports HTTP/3 for fun.


[00:33:20] Find out about the show Hak5 that still exists, and the guys go down memory lane sharing stories from high school and college.


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Planet Scale Blog- Introducing FastPage: Faster offset pagination for Rails apps

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