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Tip Tapping Around & The Rails Foundation

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[00:02:28] Jason dives right in talking about Tiptap, a text editor for the web.

[00:06:05] The controversial Twitter is brought up, as well as Reddit, Mastodon, and Ruby Social.

[00:07:04] We go back to Tiptap the database, as Jason goes in depth into active ActionText and what he’s exploring now. 


[00:10:28] Jason mentions Tiptap will let you send HTML and explains why he likes the flexibility, and he shares his ideas of wanting to build Ruby Objects to represent each type of node.  Andrew and Chris share their thoughts on his ideas. 

[00:14:06] Phlex comes into the discussion and Jason explains how he incorporated it.  We learn about Joel releasing a markdown renderer for Flex and what he did with it, and we learn about using Pretty Print.  

[00:24:00] Chris talks about a Twitter post from Javan Makhmali regarding chromium having an exception inside of the source code to deal with a weird situation with Trix.

[00:25:01] Trix v2.0.0 just came out this past week and Chris also tells us about a weird thing about ActionText being in the HTML format when it gets saved.   

[00:29:50] Chris explains why SGIDs are undervalued because there’s so much cool stuff you can do with them.

[00:35:40] The guys discuss The Rails Foundation big announcement, the corporate members that funded it, and what its mission is. 


[00:41:21] Andrew has some thoughts to share on some derogatory posts from people in the community about The Rails Foundation post.  

[00:47:05] Chris brings up some valid points with how the Ruby community is still getting a lot of investment improvements and we need to keep making the push to encourage people to build new stuff and be excited about Ruby.


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