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New Ruby versions, the Pay gem, and the new GitHub file browser

December 02, 2022 0:34:49 66.85 MB Downloads: 0

[00:03:33] We learn about a new Ruby version that came out with a CGI security fix.  

[00:04:30] Ruby 3.2.0 is supposed to come out at Christmas, there’s a Preview 3 out and we hear about a few new features happening.

[00:07:47] Chris tells us about some speed improvements with Regexp.

[00:08:58] Andrew and Jason paired with Collin and other people, and he tells us what they did with a PR in the pay Gem.

[00:12:25] Chris pulls up the Shopify Globe that shows sales per minute of people buying stuff all around the world.

[00:14:17] We hear Chris and Collin did some payments things and refactoring stuff to get ready for Black Friday. 

[00:20:08] Andrew’s tells us he’s been learning Vim, but then stops using it and doesn’t remember all the things.

[00:21:39] There’s a new file browser on GitHub and Chris and Andrew tells us about the changes.

[00:23:20] Chris was testing a subscription and a tine thing happened that he hasn’t seen happen ever.  What is it?


[00:26:19] Andrew explains routing issues he had at Podia. The guys chat about the RubyMoney library, Money, and Money-Rails Gems.

[00:28:25] Jason explains how the Money Gem works and Chris tells us about the most important Gem he created a week ago.


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