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Jason gets Twitchy with Hanami

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[00:00:56] Jason did his Hanami livestream on Twitch, he explains the app he built, how Hanami brought in 2 people from the dry-rb team who brought their ideas from there and rom-rb. Also, what’s so cool about Hanami 2.0?

[00:06:45] Dry-rb gems are so nice and the guys discuss what they like about them. 

[00:08:25] Find out why Andrew became a Twitch mod for Jason. 

[00:09:59] Jason mentioned earlier that the parameters are done at the controller level, and he explains how Laravel does the same thing. He also explains a problem he runs into with validation context in Rails and a Twitter conversation about Rails validations. 

[00:17:20] Back to Hanami being fun, Jason talks about the model level being fun too, and he explains ROM, Ruby Object Mapper. 

[00:20:06] Have you heard about Tilt? Andrew knows about it because Bridgetown uses it and Jason just learned about it. The creators of Hanami showed up at the livestream and it felt like a community event with a lot of good energy.

[00:24:43] Jason brings up something that happened with Elixir, Phoenix, and working with ROM and Changesets.

[00:27:09] The guys discuss Twitch and encourage everyone to check out Hanami, because you could definitely learn some new things. 

[00:31:16] Andrew reveals they’ve been working on some advanced and cool filtering and segmentation options in their audience table at Podia, and if you’re a Podia creator you should check it out. 


[00:37:54] Jason and Andrew are having a hack month in December at Podia, and they’ll be moving a soft Webpacker to esbuild, along with doing a lot of tech improvements. Jason explains a hack he’s been working on that was converted to esbuild and issues he’s had with it.

[00:41:38] Chris and Jason got challenged to write a frontend view in Hotwire to put it up against the React view, so they’ll be working on that.

[00:42:23] Jason poses one last question and a statement before they sign off that has to do with developers and Tailwind CSS…Here we go… 


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