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Tech The Halls

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[00:04:42] Jason and Andrew had an incident at work, they were bamboozled, and we find out what happened. 

[00:05:40] In other Ruby news, here is where the laughs begin…Andrew sent a picture to Jason declaring that an adult human hand can fit inside an eagle’s talon. Is this true?

[00:07:30] We find out what did Andrew do with code this week that was so terrible, and Andrew gives us an example of something he’s had to do three times, and Chris explains his issue with physically printing a PDF to debug.  Chris mentions a previous episode with Cameron Dutro and the ttfunk gem.  

[00:14:44] “Tech the Halls” is happening at Podia where they’ll make some minor improvements to the app the last two weeks of the year, and Jason tells us how he finally went back to removing Webpacker work that he started two months ago.  

[00:19:26] Chris tells us what he did with Stimulus imports stuff and then made the esbuild node module.

[00:21:38] Jason brings up submitting and tells us about a function they use at Podia now where they look at form validity and using CSS will disable buttons if a form is not valid.  

[00:22:37] Chris was searching for the issues about the form disabled stuff and found a PR that Sean Doyle made that is really cool and he explains it. Andrew gets triggered at something Jason said about Bootstrap. 

[00:29:25] The guys discuss building UI components, the React community doing a good job, and Jason thinks he should give Alpine a shot to see what happens. Speaking of Ruby, as part of Tech the Halls, Jason explains they’ve started to rename some models that have changed their domain naming in the past couple of years.

[00:37:09] Andrew shares his thoughts on why bundle opening a gem should be the encouraged way to debug and he highly recommends using bundle open the next time you encounter an issue, and Chris shares some advice for juniors. 


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