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Wrapping up 2022 with Ruby 3.2

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There’s some really great stuff happening today as Jason and Chris are here, and Andrew is away traveling for the holidays. Chris announces that GoRails is getting a BIG update this coming year and we’ll hear what’s going on, they discuss sales tax stuff being a pain and using metered billing in Stripe on the new Hatchbox.  Jason’s wearing his Christmas pajamas, so you know what that means… Ruby 3.2.0 is coming out soon, and we’ll find out some of the new features. And if you’ve been wondering when we’re going to get a Docker file for Rails, well now there are two, and Chris tells us about them. Also, the RailsConf Committee is looking for applicants for RailsConf 2023 in Atlanta, so if you’re interested go sign up! Download this episode now to find out more and Happy New Year! 

[00:03:21] What’s been good in the past four days? Well, Chris tells us GoRails is going to get a BIG update this coming year!  He wants to move everything over to Jumpstart and the first step will be moving over all the payments code to pay.

[00:10:12] Chris talks about using metered billing in Stripe on the new Hatchbox.

[00:15:54] Jason had some sales tax work going on at Podia which he was happy to not be doing that right before Christmas, and Chris explains why the sales tax stuff is such a pain. 

[00:18:09] Jason brings up having respect for the way the VAT works in the EU with each country having a tax rate, and the guys discuss sales taxes in states, Stripe acquiring TaxJar, and health insurance. 

[00:23:04] Someone’s wearing their Christmas pajamas so that must mean Ruby 3.2.0 is coming out! Chris mentions a Tweet about a performance improvement for YJIT.

[00:25:17] As Jason looks through the Ruby 3.2.0 stuff, the WebAssembly stuff is the biggest part of it, and the guys chat about the to-do list somebody built and the date immutable class in the new Ruby release. 

[00:28:44] Jason brings up a Tweet from Kyle Keesling about a new API in Rails 7.1 with Active Record. 

[00:34:36] The RailsConf Committee is looking for applications, so if anyone is interested in getting involved go sign up! 

[00:35:49] If you’ve been wondering when there will be a Docker file for Rails…good news, there are two now, and Chris tells us about them.

[00:39:05] Speaking of being horrified about security things, there’s an article how Okta’s source code has been stolen after their GitHub’s repositories got hacked. Also, the guys discuss Laravel. 

[00:41:49] Chris and Jason have a conversation about Crystal and how it’s such a cool language.


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Tweet from Kyle Keesling: Here’s a great new quality of life improvement that’s coming to Rails 7.1- ActiveRecord::Base::normalizes

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