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RubyConf at Home Hanami Panel

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Welcome to a special episode of Remote Ruby! Today’s episode is the RubyConf Home Edition panel where we’ll be talking about all things Hanami. Jason is joined by Brittany Martin, Engineering Manager at TextUs and co-host of The Ruby on Rails Podcast, and together and they’ll take on the role of the moderators. They are also joined by a respected group of panelists. First, we have Luca Guidi, who’s the Hanami author, on dry-rb core, and Backend Architect at Toptal. Then we have Tim Riley, who’s Principal Engineer at Buildkite and a core team at Hanami, dry-rb, and rom-rb, and finally, Peter Solnica, who’s a Senior Software Engineer at and a core team member at Hanami, dry-rb, and rom-rb. Go ahead and download this episode now to learn more! 

[00:02:01] We start things off with Luca, creator of Hanami, telling us where we went to get from 1.0 to 2.0, and Tim and Peter give an intro to Hanami, dry-rb, and rom-rb. 

[00:05:18] How did this amazing team decide what direction they were going to take and how long they wanted it to take to go from Hanami 1.0 to Hanami 2.0?

[00:07:40] Luca, Tim, and Peter talk about what their roles were on the team.

[00:11:59] Peter details what part of Hanami 2.0 he’s most proud of, what dry system is, and its impact on Hanami.

[00:15:24] Tim and Luca share what their favorite parts/most proud features are of Hanami 2.0.   

[00:19:16] How does Roda factor in the Hanami 2.0 story?

[00:23:10] Now we get to hear Jason’s initial impression of Hanami 2.0 so far, and two things he’s most excited to learn about.

[00:27:35] We hear Tim, Peter, and Luca’s views on where they see Hanami’s place in the ecosystem.

[00:32:31] Tim tells us about an app he wrote with some friends called “Decaf Sucks.”


[00:34:52] Since it’s been a couple of controversial years for Ruby on Rails, Brittany wonders if any of the panelists see any opportunities to manage Hanami differently.

[00:38:35] Find out what the Hanami community currently looks like, where do the community discussions happen, and how do people find out about Hanami.

[00:40:13] We learn from the panelists if Hanami has any corporate sponsorship and how do we make sure that Hanami is sustainable.

[00:43:07] Peter, Tim, and Luca share some things they’re excited about with Hanami, plans for 2.1, and what they're thinking about as far as a timeline for the release.


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