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Fun Tonight: Student Debt Relief, Electric Cars, Barbiecore

August 25, 2022 0:27:42 0.0 MB Downloads: 0
  • First: We’re sitting down with United States Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona to get the full update on President Biden’s student debt relief announcement. 
  • Next: We’ve got some other big headlines from this week, from the first conviction linked to Breonna Taylor’s death in 2020 to where things stand after six months of war in Ukraine. Here’s a look at life in wartime, from photojournalists on the ground.
  • Also: A big selling point for the inflation reduction act is a tax credit for electric vehicle purchases. And while it’s getting drivers excited to go green, it's a little unclear which cars actually qualify for cash back. We’ll break it down in 60 seconds. 
  • ICYMI: Quiet quitting has been all over TikTok, but what does the term actually mean? We’re sitting down with an expert to go over what quiet quitting looks like in practice, and what it says about our changing relationship with work. 
  • Finally: It’s a hot pink revolution. Barbiecore has been taking the fashion world by storm, and encouraging people to go bold with some vibrant new looks. We’re talking to an expert about how Barbiecore came to be — and why you should say yes to the pink dress.

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