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God Save the Queen: Remembering Elizabeth II, Europe’s Energy Crisis, PSL Season

September 08, 2022 0:27:41 0.0 MB Downloads: 0
  • First: Queen Elizabeth II has died at the age of 96. We’ll take a look at the life and legacy of Britain’s longest-ruling monarch, and what’s next for Buckingham Palace. 
  • Then: We’ve got the context on the biggest headlines of the week: the UN report on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in Ukraine, California heat waves, a controversial Texas healthcare ruling, and Apple’s latest announcement. Purple iPhone, anyone?  
  • Next: Russia shut off its Nord Stream pipeline indefinitely and European countries are scrambling to figure out how to power their countries. We call an expert who helps explain how we got here, what solutions are on the table, and how this energy crisis could affect the US. 
  • Also: If you’ve been wondering WTF a special master is, you’re not alone. We’ll Skimm a special master’s job description, why Team Trump requested one after the Mar-A-Lago raid, and why this judge’s decision was controversial…in 60 seconds. 
  • Finally: Pumpkin spice latte season is here – but not if inflation can help it. This year, your Starbucks order of a PSL is clocking in at almost $6. Ouch. But lucky for us, it’s pretty easy to recreate the magic from your own kitchen. We call a food writer to tell us how to DIY PSL. 

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