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When September Ends: Adnan Syed, Immigration, the Queen’s Funeral

September 22, 2022 0:33:27 6.07 MB ( -6.08 MB less) Downloads: 0
  • First: We’re giving you the context on this week’s biggest headlines, including: another interest rate hike, storm damage in Puerto Rico, new anxiety screenings coming to a doctor's office near you, and growing protests in Iran.
  • Then: Picture this: it’s 2014. You’re anxiously waiting for another episode of Serial to drop in your podcast feed. Fast forward to this week: a major development drops in the Adnan Syed case. We’ll skimm Syed’s case, why Serial put his case in the spotlight, and why it’s back in the news…in 60 seconds. 
  • Next: After several governors sent migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, NYC, and DC, “immigration” and the “border” are being Google-searched more than “abortion” and “inflation”. We call up an expert to help cut through the noise about what’s really happening at the border, whether there’s actually a border “crisis”, and what the federal government is doing to help. 
  • Finally: It was all pomp and circumstance at the Queen's funeral. But have royal funerals always been so fit for a queen? We talk to a reporter to learn how royal funerals have changed over time, get a vibe check on the UK, and what’s to come from the monarchy under King Charles. 

On this episode, you’ll hear from: 

  • Kristie De Peña, vice president of policy and director of immigration, The Niskanen Center
  • Erin Vanderhoof, staff writer and co-host of Dynasty, Vanity Fair

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