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Renaissance: FTX Fallout, World Cup Outrage, Setting Boundaries at Holidays

November 17, 2022 0:36:50 0.0 MB Downloads: 0
  • First: We’re covering the week’s biggest headlines: a roundup of midterm outcomes and political news, the latest on the protests in Iran, and the Artemis I rocket launch.  
  • Then: FTX – one of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges – had a pretty abrupt fall from grace. We're talking to an expert about what FTX's demise means for the rest of the crypto world and what potential investors can learn from it. 
  • Next: The World Cup kicks off this weekend, but there’s been a lot of off-the-field drama. We’ll break down why the Cup has become a geopolitical mess…in 60 seconds. 
  • Plus: In partnership with our friends at Slack, we're taking listeners behind the scenes of our digital HQ, and talking about how certain Slack channels help us do our jobs better. Our final channel deep-dive: #parent-life.
  • Finally: Ever been asked “why are you still single?” or “why aren’t you drinking?” at the Thanksgiving table? For many of us, sitting at the Thanksgiving table can make us wanna pull our hair out thanks to nosy family members and political heat. But this year, setting boundaries is in. So we called a therapist who helps us navigate who to set boundaries with, how to actually set them, and how sticking to them can help keep the peace and our sanity. 

On this episode, you’ll hear from: 

  • Anita Ramaswamy, senior cryptocurrency reporter, TechCrunch
  • Jana Pollack, senior manager of creative strategy, theSkimm
  • Nedra Tawwab, therapist and author

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