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We’ve Only Just Begun: Brittney Griner, IVF’s Future, Rent and Relationships

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  • First: We’ve got the big headlines for the week: Boris Johnson saying cheerio to being Britain’s PM, a critical week for Brittney Griner in Russia, the latest on the Highland Park shooting, and the newest jobs report. 
  • Next: This week, seven of former President Trump’s allies were subpoenaed. We’ll break down why a Georgia court wants them to testify and how this is different from the House’s Jan. 6 investigation…all in 60 seconds. 
  • ICYMI: Fertility doctors have been sounding the alarm about what a post-Roe America means for patients going through IVF. We’ll explain how abortion and IVF are linked – and where IVF could be threatened. PS: check out theSkimm’s guide to IVF. 
  • Finally: Cuffing season just got a lot more interesting. With high housing prices around the country, couples are saying ‘don’t hate, cohabitate.’ We sat down with a sociologist to learn what happens when couples move in to save $$$, and the secrets to a successful move in. 

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