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Heated: Brittney Griner, Medical Gaslighting, Hot Girl Sh*t

August 04, 2022 0:34:10 0.0 MB Downloads: 0

  • First: We’ve got the context on the biggest headlines of the week: Brittney Griner’s guilty verdict, monkeypox updates + how to stay safe, the unexpected Kansas abortion vote outcome, and the killing of Al Qaeda’s leader. PS: check out the CDC’s FAQ on the monkeypox vaccine.
  • Next: House speaker Nancy Pelosi went on a tour of Asia this week. And her summer travel itinerary got international communities buzzing. We’ll give you the DL on why her trip to Taiwan was so controversial and what went down…in 60 seconds. 
  • Also: Has a doctor ever downplayed your symptoms? If so, you’re not alone. There’s even a name for it: medical gaslighting. And it disproportionately affects women, people of color, geriatric patients and LGBTQ+ people. We talk to two experts who break down what medical gaslighting is, what the signs of it are, and how to advocate for your health at the doctor’s office. 
  • Finally: ICYMI, everything is "hot" now. Inspired by pop-culture icons like Paris Hilton and Megan Thee Stallion, people are now calling everything in their lives "hot" – even when it doesn't conform to the word's conventional definition. We speak to a reporter about how the three letter word has recently taken on a new meaning. Plus, a TikTok creator guides us on a "hot girl walk". So lace up those shoes. 

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