Three Rubyists having conversations and interviewing others about Ruby and web development.

Taylor Otwell, creator of the Laravel Framework

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[00:01:12] We start with Taylor explaining where Laravel came from.  [00:03:32] Taylor tells us what Laravel 1.0 looks like and more about validations happening at the controller layer.[00:07:18] After version 1 comes out, Jason asks Taylor if he’s still at the trucking company and what the reception was like in the community.[00:11:16] We learn how the transition went for Taylor from working at UserScape and making Laravel his full-time job. [00:13:44] Taylor explains how he split his time between working on Forge and working on the framework itself.[00:15:13] Jason asks how the whole Rails framework on Lambda came about and what some of the technical challenges were.[00:17:02] We find out how Taylor makes code so appealing. [00:18:47] Jason brings up how there are a lot of first party packages in Laravel and asks Taylor if this blossomed over the years or if he realized he wanted all these things just baked into the framework.[00:23:39] Chris likes how Forge came out Taylor building his own stuff, and Taylor explains how the Ruby and JavaScript communities have such a wider variety of talented programmers. [00:26:09] We find out about what led Taylor into building Forge, Envoyer, Laravel Spark, Laravel Cashier, and Laravel Nova.[00:28:21] Find out what Taylor’s favorite Laravel package is.[00:30:11] Taylor gives us examples of how Rails has influenced Laravel. [00:32:04] Chris wonders is Taylor was familiar with a lot of stuff when he started Laravel or if there’s was a lot of learning along the way.[00:36:45] Jason asks Taylor about Laravel Mix, a wrapper around Webpack, and he explains how front-end development in the Laravel world and Rails world is in a period of exploration.[00:42:57] Find out about the Laravel Documentary that just came out! [00:45:01] What’s next for Laravel?[00:47:43] If you want to try Laravel, find out the easiest way to get started, and Taylor tells us how starting his own business has been and the challenges.[00:53:45] Find out where you can follow Taylor online.Panelists:Jason CharnesChris OliverAndrew MasonGuest:Taylor OtwellSponsor:Hook RelayLinks:Ruby Radar NewsletterRuby Radar TwitterTaylor Otwell TwitterTaylor Otwell LinkedInTaylor Otwell GitHubLaravelUserScapeLaraConGetting Real: The Smarter, Faster, Easier Way to Build a Successful Web Application by Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson and Matthew LindermanLaravel MixVue.js Documentary (YouTube)Laravel SailLaravel Origins: The Documentary (OfferZen)

Bridgetown 1.0 with Jared White

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[00:05:08] Jared tells us about himself, what he does, and how Bridgetown was born.[00:09:45] Andrew plugs going on GitHub and sponsoring Jared.[00:10:15] Bridgetown 1.0 is almost here, and Jared tells us more.  [00:15:47] We find out what else is new in Bridgetown since the guys last talked.  He tells us more about how he used Roda.[00:23:41] Chris asks Jared if he ever thought about using a Turbo Frame for the little snippet of HTML that he wants to lazy load, and Andrew explains how the new Bridgetown seems faster. [00:26:16] Jared shares how he sees Bridgetown now versus what’s in the future. [00:30:26] Andrew talks about a blog post Jared wrote.[00:33:37] The guys chat about WebAssembly stuff.[00:36:13] Jared tells us something he’s been excited about recently is everything GitHub is doing with GitHub Codespaces. [00:37:15] Jared goes over a few more things about Bridgetown v1.[00:41:37] Find out where you can follow Jared online.Panelists:Jason CharnesChris OliverAndrew MasonGuest:Jared WhiteSponsor:Hook RelayLinks:Ruby Radar NewsletterRuby Radar TwitterRemote Ruby-Episode 78: Bridgetown Ruby with Jared WhiteJared White TwitterJared White WebsiteJared White GitHubBridgetown Bridgetown BlogJared White GitHub SponsorRodaRuby2JSBridgetown DiscordGitHub CodespacesRailsConf 2022

Jason and Andrew Answer the Twitters

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[00:02:40] The first Tweet is: Haml? Jason does two live readings of a Haml file. [00:05:24] Next question: Someone wants to know how to cope with the feeling of Rails moving too fast. Is it utopia?[00:09:18] Next question: How is YAML pronounced?[00:09:23] Next Tweet: You should talk about Andrew’s awesome buddy, Andrea! [00:11:23] Next question: When is Rails 8 coming out?  [00:17:15] Next Tweet: Someone tweeted about Sonic Pi, which is a code-based music creation and performance tool. [00:18:20] Next question: Tabs or Spaces? Find out why this pun was so good and why it made Andrew angry. [00:18:51] Next question: Can you talk about Alfred?[00:22:19] Next Tweet: Someone said, Avo HQ (just kidding) and any open source communities you know about and what makes them cool.[00:23:31] Next question: How much fun did you both have recording Code and the Coding Coders who Code it with Drew Bragg? The guys have a shining Brittany moment.[00:25:28] Next question: Four topics in one Tweet, One underrated gem each. [00:28:07] Next Tweet: Andrew’s path to Podia, which includes a story of Jason buying him lobster ☺.[00:31:10] Next question: What is Jason going to talk about at Sin City Ruby?[00:34:27] Next question: Why is Laravel so great? Jason announces he wants to do an entire episode on this soon.[00:35:57] Next Tweet: The intersection of Rails and Web3.[00:38:03] Next Tweet: Hibachi. Jason and Andrew share their protein stories. [00:39:17] Last Tweet: Thoughts on transpilers list would be cool.  Andrew thinks this person meant to say transcompilation.Panelists:Jason CharnesAndrew MasonSponsor:Hook RelayLinks:Jason Charnes TwitterAndrew Mason TwitterRuby Radar NewsletterRuby Radar TwitterHamlYAMLPodiaSonic PiAlfredAvo The Ruby on Rails Podcast with Brittany Martin and Brain MarianiBridgetown Code and the Coding Coders who Code it with Drew Bragg (Podcast)dry-rbfakerSin City Ruby 2022 (March 24-25, Las Vegas)Laravel

Partying Hard with John Nunemaker

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[00:03:25] We get to know more about John, what he does, what he’s built, and what he’s most famous for. [00:08:52] John fills us in on what Flipper is.[00:13:04] Jason talks about how they’ve been using groups to do a stair-step rollout within the company, and John tells us about a new thing coming out that’s going to replace groups that will be easier. [00:14:21] Andrew explains more about Trunk Based Development. [00:16:23] John details more about Flipper rules that he’s working on. [00:28:38] Andrew asks John if Cloud has metrics around what feature flags are being hit, and John tells us a project he wrote recently called “brow.”[00:31:55] John fills us in on the very interesting watch app he’s building. [00:41:18] Chris tells us about The Clock of the Long Now.[00:44:06] Find out where you can follow John online. Panelists:Jason CharnesChris OliverAndrew MasonGuest:John NunemakerSponsor:Hook RelayLinks:Ruby Radar NewsletterRuby Radar TwitterJohn Nunemaker WebsiteJohn Nunemaker TwitterFlipperBox Out SportsTrunk Based DevelopmentRuby Gems brow 0.4.1The Watch Archive-South Bend Watch Company 1 1908The Watch Archive-South Bend Watch Company 2 1912The Clock of the Long Now

Ben Orenstein - From Developer To CEO of Tuple

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[00:02:09] Ben takes us thorough his career journey starting off as a programmer.[00:05:45] Ben explains how things have changed since he became a CEO and about the transition with Tuple. [00:06:35] Chris wonders if Ben’s had any struggles now that he’s interviewing and managing people, and he explains how he’s had to learn more in this process.[00:09:12] Ben tells us how hiring and figuring out ways to document all the things they’ve been doing has been playing out.  [00:10:56] Tuple is a mac app, but Andrew wants to know what the Rails app is doing in there, if it interfaces with the mac desktop client, and if there were any issues with the recent macOS Monterey upgrade. [00:13:33] Jason wonders if Ben misses coding, if he does any side projects to stay coding, and if he still does a lot of writing in vim. Also, Andrew tells us about Obsidian. [00:17:09] Jason brings up Ben’s Refactoring Rails Course.[00:18:28] We hear Ben’s thought process and how he decided to start Tuple.[00:22:17] Chris wonders if Ben considers Tuple as primarily marketing towards developers and peer programming. [00:26:18] Since Ben is working on a Linux version for Tuple, he explains how much work goes into it. [00:30:05] Ben announces he’s looking to hire a Linux App Developer at Tuple and what led Ben to do Linux before Windows.[00:34:41] Chris wonders if Ben is worried about the effect of speed of shipping new features with the growth of the product. [00:36:46] Ben explains “shipping is less than you think you need to.” [00:41:48] Andrew brings up a guide that Ben wrote about why pairing is so important, and we hear Ben’s thoughts on pairing. [00:44:05] We hear about some cool things coming soon for Tuple, and if you’re interested in working for Tuple, Ben tells us the positions he’s looking to fill.[00:46:25] Find out where you can follow and reach out to Ben online.Panelists:Jason CharnesChris OliverAndrew MasonGuest:Ben OrensteinSponsor:Hook RelayLinks:Ruby Radar NewsletterRuby Radar TwitterBen Orenstein TwitterBen Orenstein WebsiteTupleObsidianRefactoring Rails CourseJobs at Tuple

GitHub Codespaces & Docker with Benjamin Wood

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[00:01:52] Ben introduces himself and tells us about a configuration he did with Docker. [00:09:24] Find out what GitHub Codespaces is all about. [00:18:20] Ben explains the demo he did on how to create a new repository. [00:22:56] Andrew tells Ben he feels like he might know how to set up a home network somehow, and what does Ben have to say about this?[00:26:01] Ben asks the guys if they’re using VSCode.[00:28:06] We learn how Ben and Andrew feel about the state of VSCode Ruby Extension.[00:31:03] Andrew talks about the RubyMine debug functionality and working with the new debug gem.[00:34:27] Ben wonders if Chris has tried the Vim extension in VSCode, Ben tells us about something that was added, and Andrew tells us he just started doing an online course learning Vim and VSCode.[00:39:08] Andrew asks Ben if there are any big cons with this remote kind of development environment that he’s got running, and a conversation about VSCode app on the iPad. [00:42:09] Find out where you can follow Ben and his adventures online.Panelists:Jason CharnesChris OliverAndrew MasonGuest:Benjamin WoodSponsor:HoneybadgerLinks:Ruby Radar NewsletterRuby Radar TwitterAndrew Mason WebsiteBenjamin Wood TwitterBenjamin Wood-GitHubHintGitHub CodespacesInoreaderProject Template- Benjamin Wood (GitHub)Dotfiles-Benjamin Wood (GitHub)JetBrains Remote DevelopmentSolargraph

Elixir & GenServers with Andreas Eriksson

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[00:03:47] Andreas gives us a brief introduction of who he is, what he does, and how long he’s been writing Ruby code and Elixir code.[00:05:59] Find out what Phoenix LiveView is, and Jason wonders if it’s something that multiple processes could come in and reference or if it’s tied to one kind of connection.[00:08:55] Jason asks Andreas if he’s building a web app and someone tells him to use LiveView, what type of problems is he solving by using LiveView?[00:10:17] Since there’s a way to get the raw JavaScript events with LiveView, Andrew wonders if that means you can make your own custom events too or if just responds to the built-in JavaScript events.[00:11:48] Jason talks about what interests him the most about LiveView and how magical it is. [00:13:24] When LiveView came out, Andreas replaced React Components and he explains what those components were doing and how he was able to replace that functionality. He also explains how the React implementation and LiveView implementations differ. [00:16:20] Andrew wonders if there are any things Andreas tried to move into LiveView that he’s been unsuccessful with or if there’s a specific group of things that LiveView isn’t that great at handling. [00:17:17] Jason brings up the approach of making the entire layout live and asks Andreas if memory usage is ever a worry there.[00:19:21] We learn what kind of work Andreas does for Erlang Solutions, and what attracts him the Elixir language coming from a Ruby language. [00:23:01] Andreas tells us about his experience moving from Ruby to Elixir, his path to learning Elixir, and things he recommends if you’re interested in doing this. [00:26:47]  Find out where you can follow Andreas on the internet.Panelists:Jason CharnesChris OliverAndrew MasonGuest:Andreas ErikssonSponsor:HoneybadgerLinks:Ruby Radar NewsletterRuby Radar TwitterAndreas Eriksson LinkedInFullstackPhoenixFullstackPhoenix TwitterErlang SolutionsElixir School-Walk-Through of Phoenix LiveView

Autoscaling Rails with Adam McCrea

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[00:01:10] Adam tells us a little bit about himself and how he got into this field. [00:03:48] We learn more about Adam’s career path from edge case to Rails Autoscale. [00:05:09] Adam gives us a rundown of what Rails Autoscale is and the problem it solves.[00:06:41] Andrew wonders if Rails Autoscale will help if you don’t have enough memory, and Adam tells us the solution for this.[00:09:39] Adam fills us in on the support load he gets and the kind of support he gives.[00:10:39] Find out how Rails Autoscale is different compared to other autoscalers Adam tried. [00:16:05] If you’re wondering when Rails Autoscale is right for you, Adam tells us. Also, he announces that he’s working on a new autoscaler that’s going to be language- agnostic on Heroku.[00:17:41] Andrew wonders what prompted Adam to do this for other languages, and he tells us how the development has been so far. [00:20:28] We learn how the experience has been for Adam building an app within the Heroku marketplace. [00:22:37] Andrew asks Adam if he ever thought of making a bunch of fake accounts. ☺[00:23:50] Is YNAB a Rails app? Adam explains more about it and the team there. [00:26:26] Adam’s been in the Ruby community for a long time, so we find out what he’s currently excited about, and where you can find him online.Panelists:Jason CharnesAndrew MasonGuest:Adam McCreaSponsor:HoneybadgerLinks:Ruby Radar NewsletterRuby Radar TwitterAdam McCrea TwitterRails AutoscaleYNAB YNAB API Ruby Library-GitHub

WNB.rb with Emily Giurleo & Jemma Issroff

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[00:01:32] Emily and Jemma tell us their background stories of how they found their way into Ruby. [00:03:26] Andrew asks Emily and Jemma if they ever wrote in BlueJ and he explains what it is.[00:04:19] We learn more about WNB.rb, how big the group is, and all the events they do.  Also, Jemma tells us about Emily’s talk she gave at RubyConf 2020 that’s worth checking out called, “The Bug that Forced Me to Understand Memory Compaction.” [00:11:29] As leaders of WNB.rb, Jason asks Emily and Jemma what their favorite experiences are that they’ve had so far.[00:13:42] Find out some ways that people who don’t identify with women or non-binary can help with WNB.rb or even just help the community as a whole.[00:16:46] Andrew and Jason talk about what they’ve done or trying to do to help increase diversity in the Ruby community. [00:21:04] Jason brings up how Jemma’s been all over the place with blog posts, tweets, and having a recurring spot in Ruby Weekly, and he wonders how she got into all this stuff recently. [00:23:21] Andrew announces if anyone in the community has any tip of the week or  articles to share, you can send the content to him and he will put in his Ruby Radar Newsletter. Also, if you want to join WNB.rb, Emily and Jemma tell us where to go.[00:24:39] Find out where you can follow Jemma and Emily online.Panelists:Jason CharnesChris OliverAndrew MasonGuests:Emily GiurleoJemma IssroffSponsor:HoneybadgerLinks:Ruby Radar NewsletterRuby Radar TwitterWNB.rb TwitterJemma Issroff TwitterJemma Issroff WebsiteEmily Giurleo TwitterEmily Giurleo WebsiteThe Bug that Forced Me to Understand Memory Compaction-Emily Giurleo (YouTube)BlueJThe Recurse CenterRuby Weekly

Paul Bahr aka "Whats a GitHub?" aka "High School with Ashtrays"

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[00:01:06] Paul tells us the story of how he got into audio editing and podcasting.[00:05:19] We learn how Paul got linked up with the Remote Ruby podcast, as well as Brittany’s Ruby on Rails podcast. [00:09:01] Paul does True Crime podcasts and he tells us what he loves about them.[00:09:31] Since Paul has edited many, many episodes for both of the podcasts, Brittany wonders if there are certain words that exist within the Ruby community.[00:10:11] Brittany brings up the infamous Remote Ruby Episode 146, where Andrew starts off swearing for several minutes, and Andrew explains what happened.[00:13:04] Paul shares tips and tricks on starting a new podcast, and advice on what you need to have in order to have a long running podcast.[00:16:22] We find out from Paul if thinks there’s still room out there for other podcasts.[00:17:42] Brittany mentions a Tweet by Jason about how the US Postal service is going to have a podcast. Brittany wonders why corporate people decide they need to do a podcast, which Paul thinks is the hot thing right now! [00:19:09] If you need podcast equipment advice, Paul is your man and tells you what you need to get started and reveals the best days and times to publish a podcast.[00:22:44] What is Paul’s editing workflow?[00:25:53] Find out what order Paul edits his shows, and does he get into the data of the shows by tracking the shows he edits, checking how they are performing, and how they’re trending in other countries.[00:27:59] Andrew wonders if there’s anything they can do to improve their podcasts.[00:29:27] Find out where you can follow Paul online.Host:Brittany MartinCo-Hosts:Jason CharnesAndrew MasonGuest:Paul BahrSponsor:HoneybadgerLinks:Ruby Radar NewsletterRuby Radar TwitterRuby on Rails PodcastBrittany Martin TwitterJason’s Tweet about a “Postal Podcast”Peachtree SoundPaul Bahr LinkedinDescriptPaul’s Favorite $100 Microphone (Rode NT-USB-Mini)Paul’s Favorite $100 Microphone (Blue Yeti USB Mic)Riverside (online recording platform)Zencaster (online recording platform)Zoom (online recording platform)How to Start a Podcast: Step-by-StepWhat time should you publish your podcast?- MegaphoneRemote Ruby Podcast- Episode 146: Once you get it working, it works! Remote Ruby Podcast-Episode 139: Learning in Public/Alpine & Inertia, and ADHDSerial Podcast-Season OneBehind the Bastards Podcast

David Heinemeier Hansson on Rails 7.0, Hotwire, and the future of Rails

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[00:01:13] DHH tells us what Hotwire is and what’s new in Rails.[00:16:38] Jason brings up Hey being able to go full import map, and wonders if DHH sees being able to move to import maps only for Basecamp 4 eventually or will there be esbuild involved.[00:25:51] Hotwire Strada comes into the conversation and DHH fills us in on this. Chris talks about how the CSS and JS bundling turned out so clean and simple. [00:30:11] DHH shares his thoughts on building something in a simple, clear way versus taking the complex path. He also shares some info about Tailwind in Rails 7.[00:36:20] Another question that comes up is DHH’s thoughts on ViewComponents, and we find out what he means by, “I love a large tent at Basecamp.”[00:45:35] DHH gives his views on authentication being built into Rails.[00:51:00] Andrew asks DHH if there are any plans of restarting On Writing Software Well series on YouTube.[00:57:08] We found out some things that have been added to Rails 7 that DHH is excited about that aren’t front-end. [01:03:31] Chris brings up how he feels Rails has always been an entrepreneurial framework and DHH shares what he hopes they will eventually end up with devise.  [01:05:33] DHH talks about the no code days, why he’s so keen about how Rails works today, and why he’s so spirited about learning being a key value.[01:13:11] Jason asks DHH what’s been the most favorite decisions he’s made in Rails that he’s most proud of. [01:17:46] With Hotwire being shipped in Rails 7, find out what’s next for DHH.[01:21:51] Andrew asks DHH how to choose between “action and active” when you’re naming these resources.[01:23:34] DHH shares some incredible numbers on how code contributors and others in the community helped with Rails 7 and tracking.Panelists:Jason CharnesChris OliverAndrew MasonGuest:David Heinemeier HanssonSponsor:HoneybadgerLinks:Ruby Radar NewsletterRuby Radar TwitterDHH WebsiteDHH TwitterDHH HEY World Rails 7 with DHH- Livestream with Remote Ruby (YouTube)Rails 7: The Demo with DHH (YouTube)Hotwire Discussion: Strada Release DateOn Writing Software Well (YouTube)

Getting a Junior Developer Job with Jason Meller and Caitlin Cabrera

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[00:02:40] Jason gives us an explanation of what Kolide is, how they found Caitlin, and why they decided to hire her.[00:06:09] Andrew asks Jason when he was looking for someone for a mid to senior position, and what led him to believe that maybe that’s someone who doesn’t fit into a senior category but can still have the impact of someone with a senior paycheck.[00:08:42] Find out the most impactful thing that Andrew’s company did for him as a Junior Developer, and Caitlin shares her journey to how she got to her current position.[00:16:04] With Caitlin doing the contract work and getting experience before getting her first job, Chris wonders if that helped her when she was applying.[00:17:25] We find out how the interview process was for Caitlin and Jason explains the process the team came up with for her interview.[00:23:53] Jason tells us what makes a good interview and Caitlin and Andrew share some great interviewing tips. [00:28:25] Andrew asks Caitlin if any of her interviews were actually good ones and if there were any jobs she would have felt miserable working at. [00:30:36] Andrew talks about platforms out there to get help if you are a bad interviewer, and Jason explains more about the management way shifting towards employers learning a style of interviewing to get what they need out of the process.[00:33:34] Jason tells us some big challenges he’s experiencing being an interviewer, and he shares something he didn’t know about bootcamps.  [00:37:52] If you’re a Junior out there looking for a job, Caitlin shares some advice and words of wisdom. [00:41:18] Chris wonders what Jason’s strategy is on making sure that Caitlin is well supported and can get questions answered and absorb everything she can to flourish at Kolide.[00:49:32] We end with a deep conversation on ADHD. [00:57:43] Jason announces Kolide is hiring! Panelists:Chris OliverAndrew MasonGuests:Jason MellerCaitlin CabreraSponsor:HoneybadgerLinks:Ruby Radar NewsletterRuby Radar TwitterRemote Ruby Podcast-Episode 53: Building Kolide with Jason MellerJason Meller TwitterJason Meller Linkedin Caitlin Cabrera WebsiteKolideKolide CareersKolide Twitter

Discussing Tech Careers with Thiago Araujo and Stefanni Brasil of Hexdevs

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[00:01:39] Thiago and Stefanni tell us a little bit about themselves, how they started doing the open source livestreams, and what their goals are for them.[00:07:56] We find out how Thiago got interested in doing this stuff, how he got started in Ruby, and what led him to focus on this particular area.[00:11:51] Find out the reason why Jason dropped out of college and what Andrew was angry about in college. Stefanni asks Andrew and Chris if it makes a difference when they do interviews with the degrees they have.[00:19:42] Thiago talks more about what they see happening with people that go to a bootcamp, get their first job, and they get stuck. [00:22:39] Andrew brings up Junior Developers and Stefanni expands on why that demographics jumps out as the biggest problem to them. Thiago, Andrew, and Chris share stories about the importance of being a mentor. [00:32:20] Find out what Thiago means when he said, “It can either be learning and be curious or judging,” and Jason brings up a good book he read.[00:33:49] Andrew, Stefanni, Chris, Thiago, and Jason share stories about techs having a bad rep.[00:45:06] Stefanni and Thiago tell us the details about a workshop they are doing soon that sounds amazing![00:52:31] Thiago asks the guys if there were any workshops they really liked or presented at and any tips they can share so they can make sure their workshop is super interesting and fun for everyone.  [00:59:36] Find out where you can follow Stefanni and Thiago online. Panelists:Jason CharnesChris OliverAndrew MasonGuests:Thiago AraujoStefanni BrasilSponsor:HoneybadgerLinks:Ruby Radar NewsletterRuby Radar TwitterThiago Araujo TwitterThiago Araujo LinkedinThiago Araujo GitHubStefanni Brasil TwitterStefanni Brasil WebsiteStefanni Brasil LinkedinStefanni Brasil-GitHubhexdevshexdevs Software Design Workshophexdevs podcastUnfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life by Gary John BishopHow to Contribute to Ruby on Rails-Stefanni Brasil (YouTube)

Rails 7, Railties, and Sorbet at Shopify with Rafael França from Rails Core

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[00:01:23] Rafael tells us what got him into Ruby and eventually into Rails.[00:05:08] We learn more about Rafael’s experience working at Plataformatec.[00:06:28] Rafael explains more about the Rails and Merb merge.[00:11:18] Find out when Rails engines became a thing, what a Railtie is, and how the Rails engine builds on top of the Railtie. [00:15:44] Chris wonders how the engine approach has helped organize such a big application like Shopify and Rafael tells us about a challenge with the lack of tooling.[00:20:11] Rafael goes in depth about his team at Shopify.[00:24:26] We hear about the state of Rails 7. [00:27:32] Jason asks Rafael what it would take to get some authentication.[00:32:41] Chris wonders how Rafael makes commits to every single repository all the time, and how does he decide what fits in Rails and what doesn’t.  [00:37:58] Rafael gives us his guess of when Rails 7 will be released.[00:41:23] Chris asks Rafael if there are any plans to adopt something like Hotwire going forward in Shopify, and Andrew asks how Rafael has felt about Shopify’s movement to Types and if he like it.[00:45:12] Why did Shopify choose Sorbet instead of RBS? [00:47:22] Rafael shares his thoughts on never using Types in Rails, and more about using Tapioca with Sorbet.Panelists:Jason CharnesChris OliverAndrew MasonGuest:Rafael FrançaSponsor:HoneybadgerLinks:Ruby Radar NewsletterRuby Radar TwitterRafael França TwitterRafael França GitHubRafael França LinkedinShopifyMerb“Merb gets merged into Rails 3!”- Rails“Rails and Merb Merge” by Yehuda KatzIntroduction to RailtiesShopify Packwerk-GitHubRails standardized error reporting interface #43625An upcoming authentication solution for Phoenix-DashbitShopify Tapioca-GitHib

Live from RubyConf 2021!

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[00:00:28] The panelists introduce themselves.[00:01:37] We hear what everyone is most excited about being at RubyConf and the talks they are most excited about going to.[00:04:11] Jason Swett shares how he prepped for the workshops, and Nick and Emily tell us about their talks. [00:08:13] Jemma asks the panelists why they come to conferences and what brings them here.[00:11:12] Everyone here is a podcaster, so we find out why they do these podcasts.[00:15:11] The panelists share what is so special and unique about the Ruby community.[00:18:59] Find out which podcast episodes the panelists are most proud of that they put out. [00:22:42] What do the panelists think about the diversity of people they bring on to their podcasts? [00:26:33] The panelists all share some great stories about Brittany Martin, how awesome she is, how she’s one of the best interviewers, and what a GEM she is!   [00:29:49] Jemma wonders how the panelists stay on top of what’s going on in the Ruby community.[00:32:01] The panelists talk about how they, as podcasters, think through what might be interesting to talk about on their podcasts.[00:37:10] Find out who the panelists call their “Ruby Heroes.” [00:44:34] The panelists tell us how they find themselves consistently producing podcast episodes without suffering from burnout. Panelists:Jemma IssroffAndrew MasonJason CharnesEmily GiurleoNick SchwadererJason SwettSponsor:HoneybadgerLinks:Ruby Radar NewsletterRuby Radar TwitterAndrew Mason TwitterJason Charnes TwitterChris Oliver Twitter Jemma Issroff TwitterEmily Giurleo TwitterNick Schwaderer GitHubJason Swett TwitterRemote Ruby PodcastThe Ruby on Rails PodcastThe Code with Jason PodcastRuby WeeklyPeter Cooper TwitterWNB.rb TwitterRemote Ruby Podcast-Episode 139: Learning in Public | Alpine & Inertia (our mental health episode)Remote Ruby Podcast-Episode 100-Upgrading Rails with Ernesto TagwerkerRemote Ruby Podcast-Episode 97-Joined by Adam Wathan: TailwindCSS, Tailwind UI, and ActionView ComponentsThe Code with Jason Podcast-Episode 28-Sandi Metz, Author of POODR (with Special Guest TJ Stankus)The Ruby on Rails Podcast-Episode 271: MEGA RailsConf 2019 Recap with Chris OliverThe Ruby on Rails Podcast-Episode 385: Minimal Flame Wars (Prettier, Parsing and Regex) with Kevin NewtonObie Fernandez TwitterThe Rails 5 Way (Addison-Wesley Professional Ruby Series) by Obie FernandezAaron Patterson TwitterCollin Jilbert TwitterBrittany Martin TwitterBrandon Weaver Twitter