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2022: Lost Motivation to Workout? Do this…

March 01, 2023 43:47 105.07 MB Downloads: 0

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin provide five steps you can take to bring back the drive to work out.

  • People don’t have trouble starting workout plans but maintaining them! (1:58)

  • Discipline over motivation. (7:30)

  • The barriers that prevent consistency. (10:12)

  • Five strategies to take if you’ve lost the motivation to work out. (14:26)

  • #1 - Instead of working out for an hour a couple of days a week, do a little every day. (15:34)

  • #2 – Work out at home. (24:13)

  • #3 – Do things that feel good. (29:17)

  • #4 - Change expectations/goals. (34:37)

  • #5 - Follow, listen to, and watch related content. (38:45)

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