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2025: How to Be a Successful Fitness Coach With Jason Phillips

March 05, 2023 01:28:59 213.54 MB Downloads: 0

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Jason Phillips about how to find success a fitness and nutrition coach.

  • How will A.I. impact online coaching? (2:11)

  • It’s about the journey and not the immediate outcomes. (7:13)

  • Why coaches are just really helping you avoid your pitfalls.  (16:11)

  • Desire vs. need. (17:41)

  • Defining what “works.” (25:56)

  • Why coaches must SELL the right ideas and the right methods better than they sell the bad ideas and bad methods. (28:35)

  • Focusing on the root cause. (43:14)

  • Taking ownership. (49:54)

  • Creating small wins to build life-long success. (52:17)

  • The two roles that every coach has. (58:19)

  • People just want to be validated. (1:04:38)

  • Everything is your fault. (1:12:34)

  • The path for growth through health & fitness. (1:14:34)

  • Becoming the vehicle of true-life change. (1:19:01)

  • The value of being ‘likable’. (1:22:17)

  • NCI’s Vegas Giveaway. (1:23:44)

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