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2032: Can You Reverse Aging & Live Longer? All About Longevity Peptides Jay Campbell

March 15, 2023 01:16:33 15.24 MB ( 168.47 MB less) Downloads: 0

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with peptide researcher and author Jay Campbell.

  • How he became the ultimate biohacker of his health. (1:53)

  • The science of peptides. (7:21)

  • What is a bioregulator? (11:42)

  • Are there side effects from peptides? (14:17)

  • The “ShamWow” peptide. (17:01)

  • Growth hormone releasing peptides 101. (21:00)

  • Why peptides need to be cycled. (24:38)

  • Be a smart consumer. (34:45)

  • MOTS-c, the amazing mitochondria stimulator. (38:00)

  • What is the prime reason we lose hair? (40:38)

  • Epitalon: The "Life Extension" Peptide. (49:03)

  • The FDA does NOT want peptides to become mainstream. (51:35)

  • Protect yourself with immune-boosting peptides. (53:03)

  • Heal and rebuild your body with peptides. (57:14)

  • Mainstream consciousness. (58:48)

  • PSA for the listener curious about peptides. (1:07:30)

  • The hierarchy of peptides. (1:09:05)

  • Tesofensine: The ultimate brain stimulant. (1:12:00)

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