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2034: What to Do if You Always Feel Hungry, Tips for Losing Fat After Having a Baby, What to Do if Low Energy Makes It Hard to Complete Workouts & More (Listener Live Coaching)

March 17, 2023 01:35:31 229.2 MB Downloads: 0

In this episode of Quah (Q & A), Sal, Adam & Justin coach three Pump Heads via Zoom.

  • Mind Pump Fit Tip: Resistance bands are NOT just for beginners! If you are advanced, look to bands to provide some tremendous value. (1:37)

  • Kids say the darndest things. (14:15)

  • The mental health applications of red-light therapy. (16:29)

  • Welcome to ‘Musk-ville’. (18:58)

  • The ‘all-star’ philosophy for success. (25:50)

  • Shares vs. dollars for compensation. (30:25)

  • Fun Facts with Justin: Sea monsters and their whale connection. (34:19)

  • The Challenger conspiracy. (38:57)

  • Smart Business Ideas with Adam: Sleep pods. (42:08)

  • Bionic reading. (45:30)

  • Going down the rabbit hole of sumo wrestlers. (50:50)

  • Ben & Jerry’s ice cream locks. (55:23)

  • Shout out to @getmomstrong. (59:34)

  • #ListenerLive question #1 - Is there anything I can do to reach satiety? (1:00:26)

  • #ListenerLive question #2 - Are there any tips you could give me to either reserve energy for later exercises or increase overall energy? (1:13:30)

  • #ListenerLive question #3 - I’m 6 months postpartum and still breastfeeding. I’m anxious to drop the last 10-15 pounds, but is it okay to cut or should I be treating this time as a bulk? (1:24:57)

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