Your weekly celebration of JavaScript and the web. This show records LIVE on Thursdays at 1pm US/Eastern time. Panelists include Jerod Santo, Feross Aboukhadijeh, Kevin Ball, Amelia Wattenberger, Nick Nisi, Divya Sasidharan, Mikeal Rogers, Chris Hiller, and Amal Hussein. Topics discussed include the web platform (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Brave, etc), front-end frameworks (React, Ember, Angular, Vue, etc), Node.js, web animation, SVG, robotics, IoT, and much more. If JavaScript and/or the web touch your life, this show’s for you. Some people search for JSParty and can’t find the show, so now the string JSParty is in our description too.

See you later, humans!

March 31, 2023 1:10:01 13.19 MB ( 54.48 MB less) Downloads: 0

Jerod & the gang catch you up on what’s new and poppin’ in the web development world. We go deep on GitHub Copilot X and the latest AI advancements, take a bathroom break while Nick talks about TypeScript 5 & continue the debate about the future of React.

Recreating Node.js from scratch

March 24, 2023 1:00:25 11.27 MB ( 47.18 MB less) Downloads: 0

Node core committer Erick Wendel joins Jerod & KBall to talk us through how he created his own JS runtime using V8, Libuv & more. Along the way we learn from his learnings, wrap our heads around the differences between Node, Bun & Deno, and talk about creating awesome content for developers… whether they like it or not!

The future of React

March 17, 2023 1:03:56 61.83 MB Downloads: 0

Dan Abramov & Joe Savona from the React Team join Jerod & Nick for a wide-ranging discussion about React’s place in the frontend ecosystem. We cover everything from React competing with React, their responses to SPA fatigue and recent criticisms, to Server Components and the future of the framework.

Celebrating Eleventy 2.0 🎉

March 10, 2023 56:56 55.11 MB Downloads: 0

Zach Leatherman returns to the show to discuss his progress over the last year since going full-time on Eleventy, including Eleventy 2.0, the release of WebC, and the state of static site generators.

Tauri brings Rust to the JS Party

March 03, 2023 56:09 54.36 MB Downloads: 0

KBall and Nick interview one of the leaders of the Tauri project about this next generation app bundling toolkit: the security, size, and performance features that make it special (and dare we say, better than Electron?), and what’s coming next.

Frontend Feud: CSS Podcast vs @keyframers

February 24, 2023 51:10 49.58 MB Downloads: 0

Una & Adam from The CSS Podcast defend their Frontend Feud title against challengers David & Shaw from the keyframers. Let’s get it on!

Web development's lost decade

February 17, 2023 1:18:24 75.72 MB Downloads: 0

Amal sits down for a one-on-one with Alex Russell, Microsoft Partner on the Edge team, and former Web Standards Tech Lead for Chrome, whose recent post, The Market for Lemons, stirred up a BIG conversation in the web development community. Have we really lost a decade in potential progress? What happened? Where do we go from here?

Generative AI for devs

February 10, 2023 59:31 57.64 MB Downloads: 0

The panel dives into the current hot topic that is Generative AI. They start by defining it (a surprisingly difficult topic), then go into experiences they’ve had, how to get started working with it as a developer, and where they think it will and will not be useful in the near future.

Qwik has just the right amount of magic

February 03, 2023 53:37 51.93 MB Downloads: 0

A deep dive into Qwik, how it makes your apps fast by default, and the carefully calibrated amount of “magic” that makes it uniquely powerful.

What's new in Astro 2

January 24, 2023 52:01 50.39 MB Downloads: 0

Fred K. Schott joins the party again to discuss all the new and fun changes in Astro 2. Nick and KBall dig in on what’s new, what’s exciting, and what to expect from the framework built around content.

How do you define joy?

January 20, 2023 51:33 49.95 MB Downloads: 0

Jerod & the gang analyze the State of JS 2022 survey results, play a wicked game of HeadLIES & share some Pro Tips to help you live your best dev life.

The rise & fall of JS frameworks

January 13, 2023 52:03 50.43 MB Downloads: 0

KBall and Chris dive into the current JavaScript trends towards smaller frameworks, compiled JavaScript, and why Chris believes “this time is different” with regards to developers caring about network speed and reducing JS sent over the wire.

New Year's Party 🪩

January 06, 2023 1:17:49 75.17 MB Downloads: 0

It’s our 4th annual New Year’s party! Jerod & the gang review our (failed) resolutions from last year, discuss what’s trending in the web world, make a few predictions of our own & even set some new (probably failed) resolutions for this year.

Big news in Deno Land

December 16, 2022 54:38 52.91 MB Downloads: 0

Deno creator Ryan Dahl goes one-on-one with Jerod to discuss their new npm support, why he’s so excited about JavaScript containers, Deno Deploy’s present & future, what he thinks about alternative runtimes like Bun, WinterCG, how Wasm fits into the story & more!

Learning CSS in 2023

December 09, 2022 52:31 50.88 MB Downloads: 0

KBall interviews CSS instructor & YouTuber extraordinaire Kevin Powell in a wide ranging discussion about CSS and how to learn it - what to start with, what to ignore, and various topics in between.