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Atlas Obscura Presents How To!

December 02, 2022 00:16:20 3.04 MB ( 12.63 MB less) Downloads: 0

How To! Host Amanda Ripley goes in search of the answer to the question “how to set up a roadside attraction that will bring visitors to your town” with expert Erika Nelson - the founder of the World’s Largest Collection of the World’s Smallest Things.

Tina Turner Museum

December 01, 2022 00:13:22 2.59 MB ( 10.23 MB less) Downloads: 0

The Flagg Grove School in Brownsville, Tennessee has become a museum dedicated to its most famous student.READ MORE IN THE ATLAS:

Fluorescent Rocks of Sterling Hill Mine

November 30, 2022 00:11:04 2.05 MB ( 8.56 MB less) Downloads: 0

The Sterling Hill Mine in Ogdensburg, New Jersey is the site of a geological marvel that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.READ MORE IN THE ATLAS:

Bread and Puppet Museum and Theater

November 29, 2022 00:14:29 2.73 MB ( 11.17 MB less) Downloads: 0

This radical puppet collective has shaped the small New England town of Glover, Vermont for decades. This “Small Town, Big Story” episode is produced in partnership with GoUSA TV.To watch the video, visit: MORE IN THE ATLAS:

Moon Trees

November 28, 2022 00:12:18 2.3 MB ( 9.5 MB less) Downloads: 0

These trees sprang from seeds that were brought to outer space.  Moon Tree Website: MORE IN THE ATLAS:

Atlas Obscura Presents The Sporkful - A New Jersey Whiskey Mystery Pt. 2

November 25, 2022 00:19:05 3.53 MB ( 14.78 MB less) Downloads: 0

The Sporkful team dives deeper into the history of the unknown whiskey bottle and the lives of those it touched. 

Atlas Obscura Presents The Sporkful - A New Jersey Whiskey Mystery Pt. 1

November 24, 2022 00:17:43 17.01 MB Downloads: 0

Dan Pashman and the Sporkful team attempt to unravel the history of a bottle of whiskey found at an estate sale when the brand seems to not exist. 

Classic: Clausland Mountain Tunnels

November 23, 2022 00:10:30 10.08 MB Downloads: 0

Under the forests of Nyack, New York lays a series of dark and decrepit tunnels with militaristic roots but now attract graffiti artists and plenty of teen lore.READ MORE IN THE ATLAS:

Classic: Arecibo Observatory

November 22, 2022 00:13:32 12.99 MB Downloads: 0

This site, and the enormous telescope that sits on it, is loved and lost to both scientists and everyday Puerto Ricans.READ MORE IN THE ATLAS:

Classic: The White Squirrel of Prospect Park

November 21, 2022 00:15:46 15.13 MB Downloads: 0

Our team goes on a quest to find Prospect Park’s elusive -- and perhaps most magical -- resident rodent.

Classic: Library of Mistakes

November 18, 2022 00:13:42 13.15 MB Downloads: 0

A carefully curated collection of miscalculations in Edinburgh, Scotland serves as a warning for our gullibility, especially when it comes to money.READ MORE IN THE ATLAS:

The Tanks of Flamenco Beach

November 17, 2022 00:11:49 11.34 MB Downloads: 0

This beautiful beach made of sand and worn down coral is covered in the wreckage of tanks once used by the U.S. military for target practice.READ MORE IN THE ATLAS:

Larry Spring Museum of Common Sense Physics

November 16, 2022 00:12:25 11.92 MB Downloads: 0

Larry Spring’s Museum of Common Sense Physics in Fort Bragg, California begs the question: what do you do with a science museum where the science preserved inside is a kind of folk art?READ MORE IN THE ATLAS:

Trailing of the Sheep

November 15, 2022 00:14:11 13.61 MB Downloads: 0

Thousands of sheep take over downtown Ketchum, Idaho during the annual Trailing of the Sheep Festival. This “Small Town, Big Story” episode is produced in partnership with GoUSA TV.To watch the video, visit:

African Heritage House

November 14, 2022 00:14:23 13.81 MB Downloads: 0

The African Heritage House in Mlolongo, Kenya is one of the greatest collections of African art in the world - and it has an unusual backstory.Read more in the Atlas: