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Back to the terminal of the future (Changelog Interviews #555)

August 30, 2023 1:49:58 105.73 MB Downloads: 0

This week on The Changelog Adam is joined by Zach Lloyd, Founder & CEO of Warp. We talked with Zach last year about what it takes to build the terminal of the future, and today Adam catches up with Zach to see where they are at on that mission. They talk about the business model of Warp, how they measure success, reaching product/market fit, building features developers love, integrating AI, and the pros and cons of going open source (again).

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - This week on The Changelog
(00:57) - Sponsor: Convex
(04:13) - Start the show!
(06:20) - Can you share some numbers?
(07:20) - The last time we spoke
(08:57) - Measuring Product/Market fit
(11:03) - What feedback are you getting?
(13:53) - Who are you building this for?
(16:53) - The thesis is...?
(18:31) - Warp is like Raycast
(27:23) - Giving the power to all
(31:28) - Sponsor: Square
(33:58) - Is your mission to replace
(35:45) - Warp in VS Code?
(37:09) - What terminal apps are used on Mac?
(39:32) - We still need a standalone terminal app
(41:42) - Who is your competition?
(47:25) - Should die?
(49:50) - What's the business model?
(53:16) - Do a Pro plan like Raycast
(57:03) - What's the state of "Teams"
(59:14) - What is Warp Drive?
(1:05:25) - Sponsor: Changelog News
(1:06:42) - Adam shares a feature request
(1:09:29) - Respect my Oh my ZSH
(1:15:04) - Give them good UI
(1:18:58) - What did it take to get to now?
(1:28:29) - Is $50 million dollars alot?
(1:29:39) - Adding AI features
(1:35:22) - What's next?
(1:38:15) - Will Warp ever be open source?
(1:47:18) - Wrapping up
(1:47:36) - Get in touch!