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Data tool belts, Build Your Own Redis, the giscus comments system, prompt engineering shouldn't exist & ALPACA (Changelog News)

January 30, 2023 07:02 1.31 MB ( 5.69 MB less) Downloads: 0

Jeremia Kimelman takes stock of his “data tool belt”, Build Your Own Redis with C/C++ is ready to read, giscus is a comments system powered by GitHub Discussions, Matt Rickard says prompt engineering shouldn’t be a thing and won’t be a thing in the future & Kolja Lubitz’s ALPACA is engine for building adventure games and interactive comics.

Mainframes are still a big thing (The Changelog #524)

January 27, 2023 1:04:50 12.31 MB ( 50.18 MB less) Downloads: 0

This week we’re talking about Mainframes with Cameron Seay, Adjunct Professor at East Carolina University and a member of the Governing Board of the Open Mainframe Project. If you’ve been curious about Mainframes, this show will be a great guide. Cameron explains exactly what a Mainframe is and how it’s different from the Cloud. We talk COBOL and the state of education and opportunities around that language. We cover the state-of-the-art in Mainframe land, System Z, Linux on Mainframe, and more.

Long-term code maintenance (Go Time #264)

January 27, 2023 44:05 8.07 MB ( 34.75 MB less) Downloads: 0

Ole Bulbuk & Sandor Szücs join Natalie to discuss the ins & outs of long-term code maintenance. What does it take to maintain a codebase for a decade or more? How do you plan for that? What about inheriting a codebase for the long term? Oh, and (how) can AI help?

Why we switched to serverless containers (Ship It! #87)

January 26, 2023 1:08:14 12.62 MB ( 53.11 MB less) Downloads: 0

Last September, at the 🇨🇭 Swiss Cloud Native Day, Florian Forster, co-founder & CEO of ZITADEL, talked about why they switched to serverless containers. ZITADEL has a really interesting workload that is both CPU intensive and latency sensitive. On top of this, their users are global, and traffic is bursty. Florian talks about how they evaluated AWS, GCP & Azure before they settled on the platform that met their requirements.

GPU dev environments that just work (Practical AI #208)

January 24, 2023 39:52 7.62 MB ( 30.85 MB less) Downloads: 0

Creating and sharing reproducible development environments for AI experiments and production systems is a huge pain. You have all sorts of weird dependencies, and then you have to deal with GPUs and NVIDIA drivers on top of all that! is attempting to mitigate this pain and create delightful GPU dev environments. Now that sounds practical!

What's new in Astro 2 (JS Party #260)

January 24, 2023 52:01 9.67 MB ( 40.71 MB less) Downloads: 0

Fred K. Schott joins the party again to discuss all the new and fun changes in Astro 2. Nick and KBall dig in on what’s new, what’s exciting, and what to expect from the framework built around content.

Prioritizing tech debt, UI components to copy/paste, learnings from 20 years in software, git-sim & jqjq (Changelog News)

January 23, 2023 09:08 1.71 MB ( 7.31 MB less) Downloads: 0

Max Countryman wrote up a framework for prioritizing tech debt, shadcn builds a copy/paste-able UI component library in public, Justin Etheredge shares 20 things he’s learned in his 20 years as a software engineer, Jacob Stopak’s git-sim lets you easily visualize git operations without affecting your repo & Mattias Wadman implemented jq in jq.

Just Postgres (The Changelog #523)

January 20, 2023 1:11:53 69.26 MB Downloads: 0

This week we’re talking about by Postgres with Craig Kerstiens, Chief Product Officer at Crunchy Data, and a well known ambassador for Postgres. Just Postgres.That’s what this week’s show is about.

How do you define joy? (JS Party #259)

January 20, 2023 51:33 9.7 MB ( 40.25 MB less) Downloads: 0

Jerod & the gang analyze the State of JS 2022 survey results, play a wicked game of HeadLIES & share some Pro Tips to help you live your best dev life.

Human scale deployments (Ship It! #86)

January 20, 2023 53:37 9.91 MB ( 41.78 MB less) Downloads: 0

Lars is big on Elixir. Think apps that scale really well, tend to be monolithic, and have one of the most mature deployment models: self-contained releases & built-in hot code reloading. In episode 7, Gerhard talked to Lars about “Why Kubernetes”. There is a follow-up YouTube stream that showed how to automate deploys for an Elixir app using K3s & ArgoCD. More than a year later, how does Lars think about running applications in production? What does simple & straightforward mean to him? Gerhard’s favourite: what is “human scale deployments”?

Who owns our code? Part 2 (Go Time #263)

January 19, 2023 1:05:35 12.19 MB ( 51.28 MB less) Downloads: 0

Tech lawyer Luis Villa returns to Go Time to school us once again on the intellectual property concerns of software creators in this crazy day we live in. This time around, we’re focusing on the implications of Large Language Models, code generation, and crazy stuff like that.

Machine learning at small organizations (Practical AI #207)

January 17, 2023 49:51 48.06 MB Downloads: 0

Why is ML is so poorly adopted in small organizations (hint: it’s not because they don’t have enough data)? In this episode, Kirsten Lum from Storytellers shares the patterns she has seen in small orgs that lead to a successful ML practice. We discuss how the job of a ML Engineer/Data Scientist is different in that environment and how end-to-end project management is key to adoption.

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Premium PCB cheat sheets, a disappearing AWS dev, HyperSwitch, Servo is back at it & Cloudflare Wildebeest (Changelog News)

January 16, 2023 06:43 6.82 MB Downloads: 0

WestArtFactory’s premium PCB cheat sheets, Maxime Topolov tells of a disappearing AWS dev, Juspay Technologies releases HyperSwitch for payment processing, Servo gets new funding for 2023 & Cloudflare’s open source Wildebeest.

The principles of data-oriented programming (The Changelog #522)

January 14, 2023 56:41 54.68 MB Downloads: 0

Jerod is joined by Yehonathan Sharvit, author of Data-Oriented Programming, to discuss the virtues of treating data as a first-class citizen in our applications and the four principles that make it possible.

The rise & fall of JS frameworks (JS Party #258)

January 13, 2023 52:03 50.43 MB Downloads: 0

KBall and Chris dive into the current JavaScript trends towards smaller frameworks, compiled JavaScript, and why Chris believes “this time is different” with regards to developers caring about network speed and reducing JS sent over the wire.