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A portrait of the best worst programmer (Changelog News #60)

September 05, 2023 08:27 8.28 MB Downloads: 0

Dan North tells the tale of Tim, the worst programmer he’s worked with (who also is a heck of a programmer), Kevin Lin declares that OpenTelemetry delivers on its promise for open observability, Justin Garrison details Terraform vs GitOps vs System Initiative, Inc. writes how Apple beats burnout & Aline Lerner’s advice on how (not) to sabotage your salary negotiations before you even start.

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - Intro
(00:28) - The best worst programmer
(01:46) - OpenTelemetry in 2023
(02:50) - Terraform v GitOps v System Initiative
(04:03) - Sponsor: Warp
(04:54) - How Apple beats burnout
(06:10) - How to sabotage your salary negotiations
(06:46) - Outro (Shout outs++)