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Prototyping with Go (Go Time #290)

September 07, 2023 1:05:26 63.33 MB Downloads: 0

V Körbes returns to talk prototyping with Natalie, Johnny & Kris. Is Go good for prototyping? What makes a language prototypable, anyway? How does space radiation fit in to all this? Tune in and ride along to find out!

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - It's Go Time!
(00:35) - Sponsor: Tailscale
(03:11) - V Körbes
(05:01) - Java for prototyping
(05:37) - What makes a language prototypable
(11:59) - Individual prototyping
(25:47) - The rest of the stack
(29:35) - Is Go a great prototyping tool?
(34:17) - Bad considerations
(43:34) - Prototype less fluent
(44:41) - Johnny's rebuttal
(52:33) - Space radiation
(57:07) - Unpopular opinions!
(57:25) - Kris' unpop
(59:23) - V Körbes' unpop
(1:02:30) - Johnny's unpop
(1:03:11) - Natalie's unpop
(1:03:48) - Outro