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Attack of the Canaries! (Changelog Interviews #557)

September 13, 2023 1:43:36 99.62 MB Downloads: 0

This week we’re joined by Haroon Meer from Thinkst — the makers of Canary and Canary Tokens. Haroon walks us through a network getting compromised, what it takes to deploy a Canary on your network, how they maintain low false-positive numbers, their thoughts and principles on building their business (major wisdom shared!), and how a Canary helps surface network attacks in real time.

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - This week on The Changelog
(01:00) - Sponsor: Statsig
(04:28) - Start the show!
(05:32) - Canary tokens
(10:03) - The footprint of a Canary
(14:23) - The Homelab lens
(16:43) - Fingerprinting a Canary
(18:45) - Masquerading as many things
(24:02) - Ratio of Canaries to real hardware?
(28:47) - Sponsor: Sentry
(32:26) - False positives
(34:11) - How are attackers getting in?
(39:10) - How do you masquerade well?
(41:45) - Bootstrapping Thinkst and Canary
(53:31) - Adding too many things
(59:35) - Just be kind
(1:03:21) - Regarding dead Canaries
(1:05:53) - How Canaries get deployed
(1:12:00) - Sponsor: Changelog News
(1:13:44) - Do you care about hardware?
(1:20:06) - Adam's attack!!
(1:25:10) - Where else can/will you go?
(1:29:04) - Thoughts on the VC model
(1:40:51) - Save it for ++
(1:41:40) - Up next!