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Type War (what is it good for?) (JS Party #292)

September 14, 2023 1:10:05 67.73 MB Downloads: 0

Love it or hate it, TypeScript is here to stay for the foreseeable future. But, what happens when widely adopted packages go completely Type free or remove TypeScript in favor of JS with type annotations? Join us to unpack these recent events with Rich Harris, creator of Svelte, as he walks us through the nuanced decision his team made for the Svelte project, and ofc, lots of laughs along the way.

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Show Notes:

Alternate Episode Titles

  • Type me a river
  • To type or not to type
  • Someone is typing in the community…
  • Different types (or not) for different gripes
  • The script schism
  • Web Dev D Day
  • Going off (Type)Script
  • Losing the (Type)Script
  • Not my type
  • Can’t type this
  • You fought in the Type Wars?

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(00:00) - It's party time, y'all
(00:39) - Sponsor: Convex
(04:56) - Welcoming Rich Harris
(06:32) - Svelte's TypeScript decision
(12:18) - Team "Idiomatic JavaScript"
(18:24) - "TypeScript good, JavaScript bad"
(21:36) - Nick's dramatic foil
(23:15) - It's all situational
(23:39) - What exactly Svelte ships
(24:41) - Why the hate on JavaScript?
(32:50) - Sponsor: Caisy
(36:00) - Getting anthropological
(41:55) - Amal's psychologist hat
(45:10) - Twitter is the molotov cocktail app
(48:28) - Jay-Z not realizing he's Jay-Z
(49:37) - Rich Harris reads mean tweets
(52:45) - Some Turbo 8 nuance
(54:37) - DHH's blog post
(59:48) - Listener questions (join Slack!)
(1:00:16) - Kyle Beard says...
(1:01:46) - Daniel Buckmaster says...
(1:03:29) - Schalk Neethling says...
(1:06:06) - Rich's magic wish
(1:07:43) - Closing time
(1:08:35) - Next up on the pod (Join ++!)