Vue is a growing front-end framework for web developments. Hear experts cover technologies and movements within the Vue community by talking to members of the open source and development community.

How To Recession Proof Your Job - BONUS

November 24, 2022 1:12:24 13.38 MB ( 90.88 MB less) Downloads: 0

VuetifyJS 3.0 with John Leider - VUE 203

November 22, 2022 1:01:36 11.6 MB ( 78.33 MB less) Downloads: 0

Steve and special returning guest host Erik Hanchett sit down with John Leider of VuetifyJS to talk about the recent 3.0 release of Vuetify.  They discuss the conversion from Vue 2 to Vue 3, the people behind Vuetify, and some of the ways Vue 3 makes things easier in Vuetify.  Sponsors Chuck's Resume Template Developer Book Club starting with Clean Architecture by Robert C. Martin Become a Top 1% Dev with a Top End Devs Membership Links Vuetify 3.0 docs VoV Episode 110 VoV Episode 156 VoV Episode 183 with Erik Hanchett Twitter: @zeroskillz Picks Erik - Amplify UI - Build UI fast with Amplify on React John - Figma: the collaborative interface design tool.

Vue 3 and Functional Programming - VUE 202

November 08, 2022 48:19 9.21 MB ( 26.78 MB less) Downloads: 0

Today, Steve talks with Lane Wagner, creator of, and online programming school. After getting distracted by the fact that Lane's first name reminds Steve of "Better Off Dead", they discuss how the concept of functional programming is or isn't actually used in the composition API in Vue 3, along with the awesomeness of Vite and Lane's experience in upgrading from Vue 2 to Vue 3. Sponsors Chuck's Resume Template Developer Book Club starting with Clean Architecture by Robert C. Martin Become a Top 1% Dev with a Top End Devs Membership Links Twitter: @wagslane Lane’s Blog Picks Lane - Lane- Better Call Saul (TV Series 2015-2022) - IMDb Lane- esbuild - An extremely fast JavaScript bundler Steve- Is Turbopack really 10x Faster than Vite? · Discussion #8 · yyx990803/vite-vs-next-turbo-hmr

Debugging Vue Applications with Cecelia Martinez - VUE 201

November 01, 2022 1:02:30 46.22 MB Downloads: 0

When writing a Vue application, debugging is a very effective tool for figuring out the cause of a problem. Steve talks with Cecelia Martinez about her recent talk at Vue Conf about all of the various tools that are available to help debug javascript applications and some Vue-specific options.Sponsors Your Ultimate Resume and Cover Letter | Top End Devs Bookclub | Top End Devs Top End Devs Membership Links How to debug Vue Apps - YouTube Resources & Examples npm-link Debugging Vue Applications Twitter: @ceceliacreates Picks Cecelia - Centered - Your work, done. Cecelia - Party Corgi Rubber Ducks, Stickers, & More! · Learn With Jason Store

Drawing, Bacon, and Dad Jokes With David Neal - VUE 200

October 25, 2022 56:30 41.91 MB Downloads: 0

David Neal is a web developer who started to learn to draw as a way to liven up his conference talks. Along the way, his drawing skills and reach have grown, and he uses those skills in multiple avenues. David talks about his history in tech and drawing, how he learned, and how it has become an effective rule for him. He and Steve discuss their love of dad jokes and David's love of bacon, and how he lost weight eating nothing but bacon. Sponsors Top End Devs Coaching | Top End Devs Links The Illustrated Book of Dad Jokes Show and Tell ReverantGeek Twitter: @reverentgeek Picks David- The Sketchnote Handbook - Rohdesign David- Thick Cut Bacon the Wright Way | Wright® Brand Bacon David - Benton's Bacon

Laravel and Vue with Taylor Otwell - VUE 199

October 18, 2022 00:00 0.0 MB Downloads: 0

Along with returning guest host Luke Diebold, Steve talks with Laravel framework creator Taylor Otwell, They cover the history of Laravel, the Laravel ecosystem, how and why Taylor chose to integrate it with Vue, how Laravel and Vue are now used and distributed as part of Jetstream and InertiaJS, and even how Laravel got its name.  Along the way, they cover topics such as Narnia, Star Trek, and end with great dad jokes. Sponsors Top End Devs Coaching | Top End Devs Links GitHub: taylorotwell Twitter: @taylorotwell Picks Luke- Building REST APIs with Laravel Orion Steve- We rebuilt our entire application Taylor- Star Trek: Lower Decks (Official Site) Watch on Paramount Plus

Vue, and PDFs, With Silvan Mühlemann - VUE 198

October 04, 2022 47:57 35.74 MB Downloads: 0

In this episode, Steve sits down with Silvan Mühlemann and talks about his history with Vue. They cover a couple blog posts of Silvan's where he uses Vue to generate various PDF types, and then talk about his development history and how he and his company got into Vue. They with Silvan's picks of some great AI tools, and of course, Steve's fantastic dad jokes. Sponsors Top End Devs Coaching | Top End Devs Links Silvan Mühlemann Mühlemann&Popp - digital business models Events - How VueJS can replace Photoshop (sort of) How to generate beautiful-looking PDFs in Single Page Applications Picks Silvan- GitHub - CompVis/stable-diffusion: A latent text-to-image diffusion model Silvan- Introducing Whisper Steve - Dad Jokes

API Calls in Vue.js with Deniz Gürsoy - VUE 197

September 27, 2022 47:26 35.37 MB Downloads: 0

Today we talk with Denise Gürsoy, a full stack developer from the Netherlands, currently working as a GO developer. We discuss his Medium article about implementing alternate methods of calling APIs in Vue.js. Sponsors Top End Devs Coaching | Top End Devs Links API calls in Vue.js GitHub: denizgursoy Deniz GÜRSOY  Picks Charles- Irish Gauge Charles- JavaScript Remote Conference 2022 Charles - How to Stay Current Course (coming soon) Charles - Book Club for developer books (coming soon) Charles - Coaching | Top End Devs  Charles- I Am Not A Serial Killer (John Cleaver, 1) Charles- The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power - Season 1 Deniz- Ocean's Twelve (2004) - IMDb

Vue Sortable Table with Shashikant S. Wagh - VUE 196

September 20, 2022 19:35 15.32 MB Downloads: 0

Steve sits down with Vue developer Shashikant S. Wagh to talk about his Vue Sortable Table. They discuss the various config options and the main selling point that allows the user to re-order items in the table via drag and drop. Shashikant makes a very old-school book pick, and as always, Steve has his great dad jokes. Sponsors Top End Devs Coaching | Top End Devs Links Introducing Vue Sortable Table GitHub - shashikant-wagh/vue-sortable-table GitHub - SortableJS/Sortable LinkedIn: Shashikant (Shashi) Wagh GitHub: shashikant-wagh Picks Shashikant- The Republic Steve- QR codes | Dan Hollick

Astro with Fred K. Schott - VUE 195

September 13, 2022 1:06:08 49.43 MB Downloads: 0

Today we talk with Fred Schott, the co-creator of Astro. Being involved with open source web development for a decade, and working on several teams at Google, including Chrome and Polymer, he is now one of the biggest promoters of Astro. We talk about how Astro, as a static site generator, helps to solve the over-use of javascript on the client side.In this episode... Origin story of Astro Component structure Routing Integration vs. UI frameworks Astro with e-commerce sites Server-side rendering capability Sponsors Top End Devs Coaching | Top End Devs Links The Great Divide | CSS-Tricks Astro | Build faster websites Twitter: @FredKSchott Astro Lounge | Discord Picks Fred- Svelte Summit Fall 2022: The first in-person Svelte only conference Steve- MV7 Steve - Dad Jokes Steve- Day of the Year Dad Jokes (@789dadjokes) * Instagram photos and videos Steve- ViteConf

Providing, Injecting, Testing, and Templating Using Vue with Valeri Karpov - VUE 194

September 06, 2022 49:50 37.1 MB Downloads: 0

Valeri Karpov, maintainer of the popular Mongoose library for Nodejs, visits the show again to talk about a new Vue 3 feature of provide/inject and how it's much better than props, how he uses Vue templates inside Node, tests template output with the cheerio library, and then how he uses plain js, html, and css files for email templates. As always, they end with picks, including a discussion of the The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings books, and movies, and as always, Steve tops it off with his amazing dad jokes. Sponsors Top End Devs Coaching | Top End Devs Links Using Provide and Inject in Vue.js Provide / Inject | Vue.js Reactivity in Vue 3 Use HTML Files as Vue Templates with Webpack cheerio GitHub: vkarpov15 Twitter: @code_barbarian Picks Val- Dreadgod (Cradle Book 11) Steve- The Hobbit (TV Movie 1977) - IMDb

Dive into the Benefits of fathym with Jeremy Tomlinson and Rich Kurtzman - VUE 193

August 23, 2022 44:35 33.32 MB Downloads: 0

Today we talk with the director of engineering, Jeremy Tomlinson, and communication specialist, Rich Kurtzman, from fathym.  Described as an “innovation acceleration engine,”  we discuss how fathym provides the building tools which allow jr. and sr. engineers alike contribute to development.  The platform allows use of your own code, low code, or leveraging fathym’s no code build tools. Sponsors Top End Devs Coaching | Top End Devs Links How to Deploy Vue.js Sites on Fathym Modular frontends are fantastically functional fathym 4 JavaScript frameworks you should know in 2022 How to Build a Headless WordPress with Vue.js How to use Netlify CMS and host with Fathym Twitter: @FathymIt  Instagram: @fathymit Picks Jeremy- Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Official Site) Watch on Paramount+ Rich- The Sopranos Rich- Star Trek: Discovery (Official Site) Watch on Paramount+ Rich- Watch The Mandalorian | Full episodes | Disney+ Rich - Dad Joke Steve- Overview - Nuxt 3 Essentials | Vue Mastery Steve - Dad Jokes

Communicating Between Vue Components With Sanchitha SR - VUE 192

August 16, 2022 30:58 23.52 MB Downloads: 0

In today’s episode, we talk with special guest Sanchitha SR about her article titled How to Communicate between Components in Vue.js.  We cover the five ways that we can send data from one component to another:  Using Props Using Events Using Event Bus Using provide/inject Using this.$refs Sponsors Top End Devs Coaching | Top End Devs Links Building a Global State Management Library with Andrew Courtice - VUE 171 How to Communicate between Components in Vue.js 7 Component Communications in Vue 3 GitHub - developit/mitt: Twitter: @SrSanchitha Sanchitha SR - Medium LinkedIn: Sanchitha SR Picks Sanchitha - Watch Flavors of Youth: International Version | Netflix Official Site Sanchitha - Normal People Sanchitha - Conversations with Friends Steve- Dad Jokes

Promises and Async/Await with Val Karpov - VUE 191

July 26, 2022 50:20 37.46 MB Downloads: 0

Today Steve talks with Val Karpov, the lead maintainer of Mongoose, the most used database framework on NPM.  Val gives a brief history of Promises and Async/Await, talks about how they work.  We learn the reasoning behind the new functionality, and how it works in VUE.  Be sure to check out Vals book and his blog articles on The Code Barbarian and Mastering JS. Sponsors Top End Devs Coaching | Top End Devs Links Mongoose Mastering Async/Await v1.1.0 The Code Barbarian | Mastering JS The Far Side Comic Strip by Gary Larson - Official Website | GitHub: vkarpov15 - Overview GitHub - vkarpov15/simple-promise: Simplified implementation of promises for learning purposes Overview - Nuxt 3 Essentials | Vue Mastery Picks Steve- Calvin & Hobbes Search Engine - by Bing Steve - Dad Jokes Val- Drink LMNT | Paleo-Keto Friendly Hydration | Zero Sugar Electrolytes Val- Watch Alexa & Katie | Netflix Official Site

Creating a Vue Component Library Without Losing Your Mind - VUE 190

July 19, 2022 45:38 34.07 MB Downloads: 0

Steve talks with Milad Dehghan, a Vue developer for Trengo in The Netherlands, to talk about his blog post on creating a VueJS component library. They start with the basic definitions of component libraries (aka design systems) and atomic design principles and then dive into the specifics of how he does it in VueJS They also get into short discussion on Astro, and Steve makes Milad laugh hysterically with his amazing dad jokes. Sponsors Top End Devs Coaching | Top End Devs Links Create a Vue.js Component library without losing your mind Trengo | Customer service software Atomic Design by Brad Frost Twitter: @milad_d3 miladd3 - Overview