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The Story of Visual Studio Code with Erich Gamma and Kai Maetzel

March 30, 2023 00:35:41 6.44 MB ( 27.9 MB less) Downloads: 0

Today Scott talks to Erich Gamma and Kai Maetzel about the origin story of VS Code. We'll talk about how it was originally conceived and how it evolved over time. They also discuss some of the challenges they faced while developing VS Code and how they overcame them. An overnight success in 10 years, VS Code was designed to be lightweight and fast, with a focus on extensibility and community. We'll hear about culture and technical architecture as well as what’s next for VS Code and what users can expect in future releases.  

Leading engineers as a non-engineer with Daily's Sarah Milstein

March 23, 2023 00:32:08 5.86 MB ( 25.07 MB less) Downloads: 0

Sarah Milstein talks to Scott Hanselman about leading engineers as a non-engineer. They discuss how to build trust with engineers and how to communicate effectively with them. They also talk about how to manage technical projects when you’re not a technical person yourself. Sarah Milstein is the VP of Engineering at Daily, a WebRTC Video PaaS. Sh'es also the co-founder of Lean Startup Productions and the author of The Twitter Book. Remote workLeading engineers as a non-engineer https://www.sarahmilstein.com/

Being a Teenager in 2023 with Zenzo Hanselman

March 16, 2023 00:32:35 31.37 MB Downloads: 0

This week it's Scott and Zenzo Hanselman: a father-son tech talk. He chats with his son Zenzo, a curious and creative teenager, about the latest trends and topics in technology. From AI to VR, from gaming to social media, from coding to culture, Scott and Zenzo will explore the world of tech from their different perspectives and experiences. 

Chasing supernovae with Dr. Sanjana Curtis

March 09, 2023 00:33:36 32.34 MB Downloads: 0


Dead Simple Python with Jason C McDonald

March 02, 2023 00:34:04 32.8 MB Downloads: 0


Daring to be Different with Raji Rajagopalan

February 23, 2023 00:32:30 31.2 MB Downloads: 0

Will ChatGPT help them write? with John Warner

February 16, 2023 00:35:24 34.07 MB Downloads: 0

John Warner is the author of "Why They Can't Write: Killing the Five-Paragraph Essay" and six other books on writing. He's the editor of McSweeney's Internet Tendency, and the Biblioracle. John is also a professor of creative writing but most recently he's becoming concerned that Artificial intelligence can crank out passable student essays in seconds. What are we going to do? Is ChatGPT the end of writing assignments?In order to help instructors deal with the existence of ChatGPT without making its existence omnipresent in the classroom, or capitulating to a surveillance and detection approach, John has developed a new, self-paced digital course: Teaching Writing in an Artificial Intelligence World.Read John's thoughts at The Biblioracle  

Why We do Tech Outreach with Coding By Sophy

February 09, 2023 00:32:26 31.23 MB Downloads: 0

Sophy is a Software Engineer who is early in career and excited to get others into tech. She was the only afro-latina to graduate from the University of California Irvine in 2019 with a degree in computer science and engineering. She is tireless in her social media outreach on TikTok and elsewhere encouraging everyone to get involved in tech. However, she wants folks to realize it's a grind and it's hard. How do we find that balance? Can anyone get into tech?https://codebysophy.dev/

Become a more confident developer with Kent C. Dodds

February 02, 2023 00:33:01 31.79 MB Downloads: 0

The Quantified Worker with Dr. Ifeoma Ajunwa

January 26, 2023 00:34:24 33.02 MB Downloads: 0

Game Emulation with former MAME programmer Aaron Giles

January 19, 2023 00:36:50 35.44 MB Downloads: 0

Scott talks to pro­gram­mer, mu­si­cian, web de­vel­o­per, and gra­phic de­sign­er Aaron Giles about the state of game emulation. Aaron has worked for Microsoft, Connectix, LucasArts, contributed to the MAME project for over 17 years, and even ran the project for 6  years! We chat about his current project, DREAMM, which is a Windows-based emulator for classic LucasArts SCUMM adventure games, from Maniac Mansion through The Curse of Monkey Island and everything in-between!https://aarongiles.com/

Ben West is not waiting for Diabetes Tech to catch up

January 12, 2023 00:33:56 32.67 MB Downloads: 0

Dr. Gregory Kapfhammer wants to stop flaky tests

January 05, 2023 00:34:39 33.35 MB Downloads: 0

Dr. Brandeis Marshall's Data Conscience

December 29, 2022 00:30:55 29.77 MB Downloads: 0

Hachyderm's Kris Nova on running a Mastodon Server

December 22, 2022 00:44:17 42.59 MB Downloads: 0

Scott talks with Kris Nova who has been building and scaling Hachyderm, a Mastodon instance that began in her basement and is now moving into the cloud. Nova shares her extensive knowledge on the technical challenges and solutions involved in creating and maintaining Hachyderm, as well as her insights on the importance of building and maintaining a welcoming and inclusive online community.