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3D Movie Maker Forever with Foone Turing

June 09, 2022 00:36:02 34.68 MB Downloads: 0

Foone Turing is a self-proclaimed "software necromancer" not only bringing classics back to life, but also breathing new life and community into older software and hardware. Foone and Scott recently worked with Microsoft to get Microsoft 3D Movie Maker released as Open Source. We'll hear about Foone's plans for 3D Movie Maker going forward, as well as why the community has such strong feelings for this funny 27 year old piece of software!https://github.com/foone/3DMMForever

Writing Ballad and Dagger with Daniel José Older

June 02, 2022 00:37:20 35.93 MB Downloads: 0

In 2014 Daniel José Older was an EMT in New York City, today he's the author of 19 books, the most recent being Ballad & Dagger (Outlaw Saints, #1). He sits down with Scott to talk about being a creator in public, how social media has changed how the public interacts with authors, what his creative process is like, and how Young Adults are his favorite audience because they will absolutely tell you the truth about your work.Ballad & Dagger - Outlaw Saints, #1

Power Platform School with Tricia Sinclair

May 26, 2022 00:32:42 31.48 MB Downloads: 0

Tricia has over 10 years of experience in implementing CRM solutions in various roles from Consultant to Architect. The Power Platform School works with adults from the BAME community, providing training on the Microsoft Power Platform as well as mentorship from industry professionals, during an 8-week program. Tricia is super passionate about the Power Platform and in this episode, she teaches Scott about its power and flexibility.https://powerplatformschool.com/

Towards Trustworthy AI with Beena Ammanath

May 19, 2022 00:30:21 29.23 MB Downloads: 0

Trustworthy AI is an essential resource on artificial intelligence ethics for business, government, and society at-large.  In her book, Beena Ammanath draws from her extensive experience across several industries and sectors in data, analytics and AI, the latest research and case studies, and the pressing questions and concerns business leaders and society have about the ethics of AI. Scott talks to Beena about what AI - and organizations - need to do to gain our trust.Book: Trustworthy AI by Beena Ammanath

A Software Tester's Career Path with Nicola Lindgren

May 12, 2022 00:31:41 30.51 MB Downloads: 0

My blog:https://nicolalindgren.comTwitter: @NicolaLindgrenHow Can I Test This?https://leanpub.com/howcanitestthisStarting Your Software Testing Career:https://leanpub.com/startinginsoftwaretesting (paperback can be bought on Amazon)Testing With Charles Proxy Blog series :https://nicolalindgren.com/2022/01/17/testing-with-charles-proxy-part-1/

You're not gonna need it with AppSmith's Arpit Mohan

May 05, 2022 00:32:20 31.12 MB Downloads: 0

Cross-platform UIs with C# and Avalonia with Dan Walmsley

April 28, 2022 00:31:25 30.16 MB Downloads: 0

Patterns.dev with Lydia Hallie and Addy Osmani

April 21, 2022 00:31:45 30.57 MB Downloads: 0

Site Reliability Engineering with PagerDuty's Stevenson Jean-Pierre

April 14, 2022 00:31:40 30.49 MB Downloads: 0

How kids learn how to Code with MakeCode's Kiki Prottsman

April 07, 2022 00:35:18 33.98 MB Downloads: 0

Kiki Prottsman is a multihyphenate! Computer Science Educator, Artist, Author of several books, and above all, engineer, Kiki has been helping young developers level up with computers for as long as she can remember. Scott talks to Kiki about how kids learn, the importance of Systems Thinking, the fact that coding with Blocks is not given enough respect, and that jumping into code is far easier and more accessible than most folks realize!http://makecode.comhttp://arcade.makecode.com 

Pyjion, a JIT compiler for Python using .NET Core with Anthony Shaw

March 31, 2022 00:36:05 34.72 MB Downloads: 0

www.trypyjion.com main websitehttps://live.trypyjion.com/  in-browser compilerhttps://github.com/tonybaloney/Pyjion  source repohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4nkgJdVZFA PyCon talk “Why is Python slow”

From Broadway to Engineering to Product with Liana Leahy

March 24, 2022 00:33:11 31.93 MB Downloads: 0

Standup Comedy is a Real Job with Alex Falcone

March 17, 2022 00:44:40 42.96 MB Downloads: 0

What does it take to go fast? with Fastly's Ines Sombra

March 10, 2022 00:35:52 34.51 MB Downloads: 0

Flutter for Windows with Google's Chris Sells

March 03, 2022 00:31:09 29.99 MB Downloads: 0