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580: Error Lake

July 24, 2024 1:05:26 12.21 MB ( 42.75 MB less) Downloads: 0

Our thoughts on the CrowdStrike outage and why Intel is in the hot seat with developers.

579: The Insufferable Small Business

July 17, 2024 52:35 9.79 MB ( 34.37 MB less) Downloads: 0

Are small business owners just the worst? The rant that hits close to home. And how AI is looking more like a unicorn, not a horse, but big tech keeps trying to put a saddle on it.

578: Cancel the 100X

July 10, 2024 1:05:15 54.82 MB Downloads: 0

Apple finally stands down in its battle with Epic, and Google gets caught with its hand in the full access to everything jar.

577: Holy Order of the Admins

July 02, 2024 47:50 40.18 MB Downloads: 0

Why you shouldn't use AI to write your tests, and the crazy deals new AI companies are getting themselves into to access hardware.

576: The New 800-pound Gorilla

June 26, 2024 59:15 49.77 MB Downloads: 0

Big Tech vs. Big Brother, how Ashley Madison predicted the rise of AI bots and the messy world of "open source" AI.

575: The Omakub Directive

June 19, 2024 51:36 43.34 MB Downloads: 0

A couple of our long-standing forecasts are coming true. We unpack the recent developments. Plus, our thoughts on OpenAI going commercial and more.

574: Craig Stans Unite

June 12, 2024 40:25 33.95 MB Downloads: 0

Our thoughts and reactions to Apple's WWDC '24, and more importantly what was missed.

573: The Ultimate Computer

June 05, 2024 54:02 45.39 MB Downloads: 0

The story of how Mike got in a fight with a supercomputer and, like Captain Kirk, came out on top.

572: Foxes In The Henhouse

May 29, 2024 1:08:10 57.26 MB Downloads: 0

OpenAI has a new security team led by Sam Altman, and the Biden Administration has a new AI security board led by Sam Altman. We also discuss C# 13 and .Net 9, popping bubbles, and more.

571: Old Wine New Bottle

May 22, 2024 45:23 38.12 MB Downloads: 0

Big Tech's latest AI flex? More like a desperate grab for attention. Google, OpenAI, and Microsoft are hyping up underwhelming updates while Sam Altman spills the tea on their shady motives.

570: 4o

May 15, 2024 28:46 24.16 MB Downloads: 0

OpenAI has pulled a fast one, and everyone is eating it up.

569: Whatever It Takes

May 08, 2024 39:44 33.38 MB Downloads: 0

Altman's on a spending spree for AGI – why the huge price tag? Mike's back from NYC with juicy API gossip, and we break down the incentives pumping up a giant AI bubble.

568: The Junior Jump

May 01, 2024 35:15 29.62 MB Downloads: 0

How one clever developer has launched his own Appstore on iOS, our thoughts on how this was pulled off, and making a transition into development work late in life.

567: The year of Small Models

April 24, 2024 42:53 36.02 MB Downloads: 0

566: FOSS Feed & Care

April 17, 2024 29:51 25.07 MB Downloads: 0

We delve into the top 3 open-source revenue streams, expose the pitfalls, and discuss what could be done quickly to improve the situation.