Risky Business is a weekly information security podcast featuring news and in-depth interviews with industry luminaries. Launched in February 2007, Risky Business is a must-listen digest for information security pros. With a running time of approximately 50-60 minutes, Risky Business is pacy; a security podcast without the waffle.

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Risky Business #756 -- Move fast and break everything

July 24, 2024 0:58:52 10.94 MB ( 45.58 MB less) Downloads: 0

The Risky Biz main show returns from a break to the traditional internet-melting mess that happens whenever Patrick Gray takes a holiday. Pat and Adam Boileau talk through the week’s security news, including: Oh Crowdstrike, no, oh no, honey, no AT&T stored call records on Snowflake and you’ll never guess what happened next Squarespace buys Google Domains and makes a hash of it Some but not all of the SECs case against Solarwinds gets thrown out Pity the incident responders digging through a terabyte of Disney Slack dumps Internet Explorer rises from the grave, and it wants SHELLS RAAAAARGH SSHHEEELLLS And much, much more. This week’s show is brought to you by Sublime Security, a flexible and modern email security platform. If you’re sick of using a black box email security solution, Sublime is a terrific option for you. Show notes Risky Biz News: CrowdStrike faulty update affects 8.5 million Windows systems Low-level cybercriminals are pouncing on CrowdStrike-connected outage | CyberScoop CrowdStrike says flawed update was live for 78 minutes | Cybersecurity Dive Crooks Steal Phone, SMS Records for Nearly All AT&T Customers – Krebs on Security Researchers: Weak Security Defaults Enabled Squarespace Domains Hijacks – Krebs on Security Teenage suspect in MGM Resorts hack arrested in Britain Majority of SEC civil fraud case against SolarWinds dismissed, but core remains | Cybersecurity Dive How Russia-Linked Malware Cut Heat to 600 Ukrainian Buildings in Deep Winter | WIRED Kaspersky Lab Closing U.S. Division; Laying Off Workers Hackers Claim to Have Leaked 1.1 TB of Disney Slack Messages | WIRED Wallets tied to CDK ransom group received $25 million two days after attack | CyberScoop UnitedHealth’s cyberattack response costs to surpass $2.3B this year | Cybersecurity Dive Ransomware ecosystem fragmenting under law enforcement pressure and distrust Threat actors exploited Windows 0-day for more than a year before Microsoft fixed it | Ars Technica

Risky Biz Soap Box: Mike Wiacek on lazy mode threat hunting

July 16, 2024 0:31:20 5.79 MB ( 24.29 MB less) Downloads: 0

This Soap Box edition of the show is with Mike Wiacek, the CEO and Founder of Stairwell. Stairwell is a platform that creates something similar to an NDR, but for file analysis instead of network traffic. The idea is you get a copy of every unique file in your environment to the Stairwell platform, via a file forwarding agent. You get an inventory that lists where these files exist in your environment, at what times, and from there you can start doing analysis. If you find a dodgy file you can do all the usual malware analysis type stuff, but you can also do things like immediately find out where else that file is in your organisation, or even where else it was. From there you can identify other files that are similar – variants of those files – and search for those. And you can unpack all this very, very quickly. This is the type of tool that EDR companies use internally to do threat hunting, but it’s just for you and your org – you can drive it. And as you’ll hear, the idea of a transparent, customisable and programmable security stack is something that’s on-trend at the moment. Mike lays out the case that doing this sort of file analysis in your organisation makes a whole lot of sense.

Wide World of Cyber: State directed cybercrime

July 10, 2024 0:39:41 38.11 MB Downloads: 0

In this podcast Alex Stamos, Chris Krebs and Patrick Gray discuss the relationship between cybercrime and the state, which is often more complicated than it should be. While the US Government and its allies fight the scourge of ransomware, other governments are using it to either raise revenue or irritate their foes. North Korea sees ransomware as a money spinner, while the Kremlin enjoys poking the west in the eye with it. Join us for a breakdown of the relationships between governments who should know better and the worst types of people on the planet.

Risky Business #755 -- SSH 0day! Polyfill drama! Entrust crushed!

July 03, 2024 0:59:19 56.98 MB Downloads: 0

On this week’s show, Patrick Gray and Adam Boileau discuss the week’s security news, including: Widely used polyfill javascript gets hijacked by its new owners MacOS supply chain disaster bullet dodged That OpenSSH remote code exec OH MY <3 Entrust gets its CA business kicked to the kerb by Google South Korean telco intentionally viruses 600k customers Microsoft continues to deeply underwhelm And much, much more. This week’s episode is sponsored by Greynoise. Founder Andrew Morris joins to talk about ways to track attackers across NAT and VPNs, as well as how you can join in the fun of running an internet-scale honeypot network. Show notes Polyfill, Cloudflare trade barbs after reports of supply chain attack threatening 100k websites 3 million iOS and macOS apps were exposed to potent supply-chain attacks regreSSHion: RCE in OpenSSH's server, on glibc-based Linux systems (CVE-2024-6387) Google Online Security Blog: Sustaining Digital Certificate Security - Entrust Certificate Distrust TeamViewer: Hackers copied employee directory data and encrypted passwords South Korean telecom company attacks customers with malware — over 600,000 torrent users report missing files, strange folders, and disabled PCs | Tom's Hardware CDK eyes service restoration for all car dealers by Fourth of July ‘I don’t see it happening’: CISA chief dismisses ban on ransomware payments Patelco Credit Union ransomware attack halts banking services for nearly half a million members LockBit claims cyberattack on Croatia’s largest hospital Inside a Violent Gang's Ruthless Crypto-Stealing Home Invasion Spree Suspected Chinese gov’t hackers used ransomware as cover in attacks on Brazil presidency, Indian health org Nearly 4,000 arrested in global police crackdown on online scam networks USD 257 million seized in global police crackdown against online scams Microsoft alerts additional customers of state-linked threat group attacks Midnight Blizzard Microsoft Email Data Sharing Request: Legit? : r/Office365 Polish Parliament strips official of immunity, clearing path for prosecution in spyware scandal Stolen credentials could unmask thousands of darknet child abuse website users WA man set up fake free wifi at Australian airports and on flights to steal people’s data, police allege Bytecode Breakdown: Unraveling Factorio's Lua Security Flaws iOS 17 lockdown mode blocking CarPlay? : r/ios

Risky Biz Soap Box: Why AI shouldn't really change your security controls

June 27, 2024 0:35:29 34.07 MB Downloads: 0

This is a sponsored Soap Box edition of the Risky Business podcast. Abhishek Agrawal is the CEO and co-founder of Material Security, an email security company that locks down cloud email archives. Attackers have been raiding mailspools since hacking has existed, and with those mailspools now in the cloud with services like o365 and Google Workspace, guess where the attackers are going? Material built a product that helps you lock up your email data, to archive and redact sensitive information. The idea is to really just limit what an attacker can do with email data if they pop an account. Abhishek joined me to talk about a few things, like how non phishing resistant MFA is basically dead, how email content is very useful to security programs, and about how the gen AI won’t really change much on the defensive control side.

Risky Business #754 -- Assange pleads guilty to espionage, walks free

June 26, 2024 0:57:00 54.73 MB Downloads: 0

On this week’s show, Patrick Gray and Adam Boileau discuss the week’s security news, including: Julian Assange finally cuts a deal, pleads guilty, and goes free USA to ban Kaspersky - even updates Car dealer SaaS provider CDK contemplates paying a ransom Intolerable healthcare ransomware attacks continue We revisit Windows proximity bugs via wifi and bluetooth And much, much more. This week’s episode is sponsored by enterprise browser maker Island. Crowdstrike co-founder Dmitri Alperovitch is an investor in Island, and joins on its behalf to discuss why an enterprise browser is really starting to make sense. Show notes Julian Assange released from prison and has left UK, WikiLeaks says US to ban Kaspersky Lab software nationwide later this year Cyberattack on CDK Global stymies work at car dealerships across US Almost 200 cancer operations postponed as ransomware group publishes London hospitals data UK government weighs action against Russian hackers over NHS records theft South Africa’s national health lab hit with ransomware attack amid mpox outbreak Ransomware victims are becoming less likely to pay up | Cybersecurity Dive Lawmakers in Philippines push for probe into Pentagon's anti-vax propaganda operation | Reuters Telegram says it has 'about 30 engineers'; security experts say that's a red flag | TechCrunch Two bluetooth vulnerabilities in Windows Thread on reversing the patch Basic concept for the latest windows wifi driver CVE

Risky Business #753 – Congress and vuln researchers maul Microsoft

June 19, 2024 1:03:37 61.08 MB Downloads: 0

On this week’s retreat special, the entire Risky Business team is together in a tropical paradise for the first time. The team takes a break from the infinity pool to discuss the week’s security news: Microsoft recalls Recall, but why did it have to be such a mess And a Windows kernel wifi code-exec, really? Passkeys and identity are hard Scattered Spider bigwig arrested in Spain The pentagon runs a deeply flawed info-op Is it time E2E crypto nerds accept their place in the world? And much, much more. This week’s show is brought to you by Corelight… Corelight’s CEO Brian Dye will be along in this week’s sponsor interview to make a really compelling case for something that shouldn’t exist… which is NDR in cloud environments. Show notes Microsoft shelves Recall feature release after security uproar Microsoft’s Recall puts the Biden administration’s cyber credibility on the line | CyberScoop Microsoft’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities endanger America US lawmakers grill Microsoft president over China ties, hacks | Reuters Microsoft Refused to Fix Flaw Years Before SolarWinds Hack — ProPublica CVE-2024-30078 - Security Update Guide - Microsoft - Windows Wi-Fi Driver Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Security bug allows anyone to spoof Microsoft employee emails | TechCrunch Patrick Gray on X: "I was wrong about some things I said about iCloud accounts in this week’s show and I’ll tell you all exactly how I was wrong in next week’s show" Passkeys in Microsoft Authenticator and Entra ID Hackers Detail How They Allegedly Stole Ticketmaster Data From Snowflake | WIRED MFA plays a rising role in major attacks, research finds | Cybersecurity Dive Luke Jennings on LinkedIn: saas-attacks/techniques/ghost_logins/description.md at main ·… Alleged Boss of ‘Scattered Spider’ Hacking Group Arrested – Krebs on Security EXPOSED: Identities of Iranian Hackers Targeting Israel and Other Countries Revealed | Matzav.com Ransomware attackers quickly weaponize PHP vulnerability with 9.8 severity rating | Ars Technica Windows flaw may have been exploited with Black Basta ransomware before it was patched Crown Equipment Corporation victim of a Ransomware attack | Born's Tech and Windows World City governments in Michigan, New York face shutdowns after ransomware attacks Cleveland confirms ransomware attack as City Hall remains closed Authorities investigating extended ‘network outage’ at organization that runs TheBus Pentagon ran secret anti-vax campaign to incite fear of China vaccines Shashank Joshi on X: "Just finished “Information Operations”, a new book by @TathamSteve. Includes this anecdote on a British effort to stop children throwing stones at a base in Afghanistan. “LRGR was the abbreviation for the Long-Range Gonad Reducer.” https://t.co/zmoxb45Cgz" Dmitri Alperovitch on X: "@shashj They also allegedly hacked the email of the lieutenant leading the medical service of the 960th unit and retrieved the medical certificates of 150 officers and enlisted personnel" Signal president Meredith Whittaker criticizes EU attempts to tackle child abuse material

Risky Business #752 -- Apple announcements thrill and terrify at the same time

June 12, 2024 1:04:07 61.57 MB Downloads: 0

On this week’s show Patrick Gray and Adam Boileau are joined by long-time NSA boffin Rob Joyce. Now Rob’s left the government service, he’s hobnobbing with us pundits, talking through the week’s news: Apple announces a big leap for confidential cloud computing into the mass market While at the same time, letting you just mosey around your iPhone from your Mac Mandiant reports in about the Snowflake breach Moody’s say credit ratings might consider cyber incidents Microsoft fixes an Azure flaw with a… “comprehensive documentation update” And much, much more. This week’s show is sponsored by Yubico, maker of the Yubikey hardware authentication token. Jerrod Chong, Yubico’s COO and President joins to talk about the challenges of the passkey and hardware authenticator ecosystem. Show notes Apple makes a password manager play in a heavily targeted market | Cybersecurity Dive macOS Sequoia takes productivity and intelligence on Mac to new heights - Apple The Wiretap: Apple’s AI Announcement Promises Big Security Boosts–Not Everyone Is Convinced Matthew Green on X: "Ok there are probably half a dozen more technical details in the blog post. It’s a very thoughtful design. Indeed, if you gave an excellent team a huge pile of money and told them to build the best “private” cloud in the world, it would probably look like this. 14/" / X Risky Biz News: Microsoft budges on Windows 11 Recall Tenable finds an Azure flaw, Microsoft calls it a feature • The Register LendingTree confirms that cloud services attack potentially affected subsidiary Hackers steal “significant volume” of data from hundreds of Snowflake customers | Ars Technica 7,000 LockBit decryption keys now in the hands of the FBI, offering victims hope | Ars Technica Urgent call for O-type blood donations following London hospitals ransomware attack Darknet site for Qilin gang, suspected in London hospitals ransomware attack, goes down Cyberattacks pose mounting risks to creditworthiness: Moody’s | Cybersecurity Dive Apple refused to pay bug bounty to Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab FCC moves ahead on internet routing security rules | CyberScoop House Republicans propose eliminating funding for election security | CyberScoop New DJI policy: No flight record syncing for US drone pilots Semiconductor giants Nvidia and Arm warn of new flaws in their graphics processors Critical PHP CVE is under attack — research shows it’s easy to exploit | Cybersecurity Dive A US Company Enabled a North Korean Scam That Raised Money for WMDs | WIRED

Risky Business #751 -- Snowflake, operation Endgame and Microsoft's looming FTC problem

June 05, 2024 1:04:01 61.45 MB Downloads: 0

On this week’s show Patrick Gray and Mark Piper discuss the week’s security news, including: What on earth happened at Snowflake? A look at operation Endgame Check Point’s hilarious adventures with dot dot slash Report says the FTC is looking at Microsoft’s security product bundling More ransomware hits Russia Much, much more 404 Media co-founder Joseph Cox is this week’s feature guest. He joins us to talk about his new book, Dark Wire, which is all about the FBI’s Anom sting. This week’s show is brought to you by Resourcely. If your Terraform is a mess or your CSPM dashboards are lighting up with insane and stupid things, you should check out Resourcely. Its founder and CEO Travis McPeak will be along in this week’s sponsor interview to talk about all things Terraform. Show notes The Snowflake breach and the need for mandatory MFA Snowflake at centre of world’s largest data breach | by Kevin Beaumont | Jun, 2024 | DoublePulsar Cloud company Snowflake denies that reported breach originated with its products ‘Operation Endgame’ Hits Malware Delivery Platforms – Krebs on Security Treasury Sanctions Creators of 911 S5 Proxy Botnet – Krebs on Security TikTok warns of exploit aimed at 'high-profile accounts’ SEC clarifies intent of cybersecurity breach disclosure rules after initial filings | Cybersecurity Dive SEC.gov | Disclosure of Cybersecurity Incidents Determined To Be Material and Other Cybersecurity Incidents[*] Nurses at Ascension hospital in Michigan raise alarms about safety following ransomware attack London hospitals declare emergency following ransomware attack | Ars Technica North Korea’s ‘Moonstone Sleet’ using fake tank game, custom ransomware in attacks OpenAI models used in nation-state influence campaigns, company says National Vulnerability Database | NIST More than 600,000 routers knocked out in October by Chalubo malware Hackers steal $305M from DMM Bitcoin crypto exchange | TechCrunch Germany's main opposition party hit by ‘serious’ cyberattack Cyberattack disrupts operations of supermarkets across Russia Rare earths miner targeted in cyber attack prior to removal of Chinese investors - ABC News Check Point - Wrong Check Point (CVE-2024-24919) Kevin Beaumont: "The latest Risky Business epis…" - Infosec Exchange This Hacker Tool Extracts All the Data Collected by Windows’ New Recall AI | WIRED FTC-industry talks over possible Microsoft probe raised recent hacking incidents - Nextgov/FCW Tim Schofield 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇬🇧 🇪🇺🗺: "@riskybusiness @metlstorm I d…" - Infosec Exchange Dark Wire: The Incredible True Story of the Largest Sting Operation Ever: Cox, Joseph: 9781541702691: Amazon.com: Books Distant Field Labs

Risky Business #750 -- Why Microsoft's Recall is an attacker's best friend

May 29, 2024 1:01:33 59.11 MB Downloads: 0

On this week’s show Patrick and Adam discuss the week’s security news, including: Russian delivery company gets ransomware-wiper’d A supply-chain attack targets video software used in US courts Checkpoint firewalls get hacked, details as clear as mud Microsoft Recall delights hackers Aussie telco Optus gets told its IR report isn’t legal advice Cyber insurer says you’re 5x more likely to get rekt if you have a Cisco ASA And much, much more. This week’s episode is sponsored by Kroll Cyber. Alex Cowperthwaite, Kroll’s technical director research and development for offence joins to talk about how his team attacks AI models, in ways both classic and new. Show notes Major Russian delivery company down for three days due to cyberattack Stark Industries Solutions: An Iron Hammer in the Cloud – Krebs on Security CVE-2024-4978: Backdoored Justice AV Solutions Viewer Software Used in Apparent Supply Chain Attack | Rapid7 Blog Check Point Software customers targeted by hackers using old, local VPN accounts | Cybersecurity Dive US pharma giant Cencora says Americans' health information stolen in data breach | TechCrunch Microsoft’s New Recall AI Tool May Be a ‘Privacy Nightmare’ | WIRED Kevin Beaumont: "I got ahold of the Copilot+ so…" - Cyberplace Kevin Beaumont: "For those who aren’t aware, Mi…" - Cyberplace Patrick Gray on X: "You know it’s coming… Microsoft Defender Advanced Security for Recall" Microsoft Edge for Business: Revolutionizing your business with AI, security and productivity - Microsoft Edge Blog Optus loses appeal to keep Deloitte report on cyberattack secret Optus says it will defend allegations it failed to protect confidential details of 9 million customers in cyber attack - ABC News Nearly 3 million affected by Sav-Rx data breach Spyware app pcTattletale was hacked and its website defaced | TechCrunch #F**kStalkerware pt. 6 - tattling on pcTattletale Spyware maker pcTattletale shutters after data breach | TechCrunch Jeremy Kirk: "Cyber insurer Coalition releas…" - Infosec Exchange Coalition_2024-Cyber-Claims-Report TikTok says it disrupted 15 influence operations this year — including one from China Israeli private eye accused of hacking was questioned about DC public affairs firm, sources say | Reuters RansomHub claims attack on Christie’s, the world’s wealthiest auction house Open-Source Assessments of AI Capabilities: The Proliferation of AI Analysis Tools, Replicating Competitor Models, and the Zhousidun Dataset Shashank Joshi on X: "Additionally, OpenAI will retain and consult with other safety, security, and technical experts to support this work, including former cybersecurity officials, Rob Joyce [@RGB_Lights], who advises OpenAI on security, and John Carlin."

Risky Business #749 -- Google answer to Microsoft's insecurity? Buy Google stuff!

May 22, 2024 0:54:05 51.93 MB Downloads: 0

This week’s episode was recorded in front of a live audience at AusCERT’s 2024 conference. Pat and Adam talked through: Google starts using security as a marketing tool against Microsoft, along with steep discounts Microsoft announces a creepy desktop recording AI UK govt proposes ransom payment controls Arizona woman runs a laptop farm for North Korea Julian Assange just keeps on with his malarky And much, much more This week’s episode is sponsored by Tines. Its CEO Eoin Hinchy joins the show to talk about how AI can be genuinely useful in automation. Show notes (1) Dina Bass on X: "Google is offering deep discounts to government and corporate customers to entice them to switch from Microsoft Office as it attacks Microsoft's cybersecurity over recent breaches, citing US gov't cybersecurity review board report https://t.co/43sIJmBWi5" / X Microsoft president set to testify before Congress on ‘security shortcomings’ | Cybersecurity Dive Chairman Green, Ranking Member Thompson Announce Microsoft President Will Testify on Company’s Security Shortcomings Following Hack of Government Accounts – Committee on Homeland Security Google leverages Microsoft’s cyber gaps to woo Workspace customers | Cybersecurity Dive CSRB report highlights the need for a new approach to security (1) vx-underground on X: "tl;dr Microsoft introduces 24/7 surveillance functionality for the NSA and/or CIA but markets it as a feature that you'll like" / X Everything You Need to Know About Windows 11's Recall Feature Australian government warns of 'large-scale ransomware data breach' (1) National Cyber Security Coordinator on X: "The Australian Government continues to assist MediSecure, an electronic prescriptions provider, respond to a cyber incident. We are still working to build a picture of the size and nature of the data that has been impacted by this data breach impacting MediSecure. This https://t.co/oyNeRonurZ" / X HHS offering $50 million for proposals to improve hospital cybersecurity Remote-access tools the intrusion point to blame for most ransomware attacks | Cybersecurity Dive UK insurance industry begins to acknowledge role in tackling ransomware Exclusive: UK to propose mandatory reporting for ransomware attacks and licensing regime for all payments Hacktivists turn to ransomware in attacks on Philippines government Arizona woman accused of helping North Koreans get remote IT jobs at 300 companies | Ars Technica US offers $5 million for info on North Korean IT workers involved in job fraud FCC might require telecoms to report on securing internet's BGP technology FCC to probe ‘grave’ weaknesses in phone network infrastructure EPA says it will step up enforcement to address ‘critical’ vulnerabilities within water sector EPA takes steps to address cybersecurity weaknesses at water utilities British signals agency to protect election candidates’ phones from cyberattacks Feds seize BreachForums platform, Telegram page Dark web narcotics market’s alleged leader arrested and charged in New York WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Can Appeal His Extradition to the US, British Court Says | WIRED

Wide World of Cyber: Krebs and Stamos on How AI Will Change Cybersecurity

May 16, 2024 0:44:52 43.06 MB Downloads: 0

In this podcast SentinelOne’s Chief Trust officer Alex Stamos and its Chief Intelligence and Public Policy Officer Chris Krebs join Patrick Gray to talk all about AI. It’s been a year and a half since ChatGPT landed and freaked everyone out. Since then, AI has really entrenched itself as the next big thing. It’s popping up everywhere, and the use cases for cybersecurity are starting to come into focus. Threat actors and defenders are using this stuff already, but it’s early days and as you’ll hear, things are really going to change, and fast.

Risky Business #748 -- New cyber rules for US healthcare are coming

May 15, 2024 1:02:33 60.05 MB Downloads: 0

This week Patrick Gray and Adam Boileau along special guest Lina Lau discuss the week’s news, including: The ongoing Ascension healthcare disruption, and Whether its reasonable for healthcare orgs to be pushing back Platforming cybercriminals for interviews Own the libs by… not using E2EE messaging? CISA’s secure by design, we want to believe! The $64billion scale of indusrialised fraud And much, much more. This week’s sponsor is network discovery specialist, Run Zero. Director of research Rob King joins to talk about the weird and wonderful delights in their new Research Report. Show notes Federal agencies assisting Catholic health network amid cyberattack After Ascension ransomware attack, feds issue alert on Black Basta group As White House preps new cyber rules for healthcare, Neuberger says backlash is unwarranted Stolen children’s health records posted online in extortion bid Guidance for organisations considering payment in... - NCSC.GOV.UK How Did Authorities Identify the Alleged Lockbit Boss? – Krebs on Security In interview, LockbitSupp says authorities outed the wrong guy A (Strange) Interview With the Russian-Military-Linked Hackers Targeting US Water Utilities | WIRED UK 'increasingly concerned' about Russian intelligence links to hacktivists Civil society under increasing threats from ‘malicious’ state cyber actors, US Elon Musk Weighs in on the Encryption Wars Between Telegram and Signal Encrypted services Apple, Proton and Wire helped Spanish police identify activist | TechCrunch Christie's Website Offline For A Fifth Day And The Company Is Still Silent On The Extent Of Last Week's Security Breach 68 tech, security vendors commit to secure-by-design practices | Cybersecurity Dive UK government urges caution over blaming China for Ministry of Defence breach Black Basta group spam-bombs victims and then calls to help Southeast Asian scam syndicates stealing $64 billion annually, researchers find The $2.3 Billion Tornado Cash Case Is a Pivotal Moment for Crypto Privacy | WIRED ADVANCED APT EMULATION LABS

Risky Business #747 -- Lockbit Leader Has A Very Bad Day

May 08, 2024 0:55:11 52.98 MB Downloads: 0

Patrick dials in from RSA in San Francisco to discuss the week’s security news with Adam, including: The west doxxes LockbitSupp, who must now hide his hundred million dollars Revil hacker behind Kasaya breach gets 14 years Microsoft makes some positive sounding* noises on security A fun flaw in nearly all VPN clients Gitlab admins continue their never-ending incident response And much, much more. This week’s sponsor is Stairwell. Long time infosec researcher Silas Cutler joins us to talk through his adventures in attacker C2 systems, and how this feeds into Stairwell’s data. * we’re still sceptical they’ll get it right, but they do at least seem to realise how deep the doo-doo they’re in is… Pat speculates they have … tentacles, and a regulatory-threat-gland. Show notes 'ArcaneDoor' Cyberspies Hacked Cisco Firewalls to Access Government Networks | WIRED Andy Greenberg: "@metlstorm @riskybusiness no w…" - Infosec Exchange U.S. Charges Russian Man as Boss of LockBit Ransomware Group – Krebs on Security Ukrainian sentenced to almost 14 years for infecting thousands with REvil ransomware Microsoft ties security goals to exec compensation China suspected of hacking British military payment system, reports say Germany recalls ambassador to Russia over cyberattacks Blinken unveils State Dept. strategy for ‘vibrant, open and secure technological future’ Microsoft plans to lock down Windows DNS like never before. Here’s how. | Ars Technica Novel attack against virtually all VPN apps neuters their entire purpose | Ars Technica The Breach of a Face Recognition Firm Reveals a Hidden Danger of Biometrics | WIRED Dropbox says hacker accessed passwords, authentication info during breach Maximum-severity GitLab flaw allowing account hijacking under active exploitation | Ars Technica Our new research: Enhancing blockchain analytics through AI Reconstructing the Mind’s Eye: fMRI-to-Image with Contrastive Learning and Diffusion Priors Kevin Collier on X: "Oh my God. @riskybusiness is already the name of what is by a longshot the most established cyber podcast. There are a million possible names out there and Mr Decision Making over here went with one that's been in use for more than 15 years."

Risky Business #746 – Microsoft takes your security seriously*

May 01, 2024 1:03:12 60.68 MB Downloads: 0

On this week’s show Patrick and Adam discuss the week’s security news, including: Microsoft reassures* us that they take security very seriously* Cisco ASA firewalls get sneakily backdoored, but no one’s quite sure how Change Healthcare was 1FA Citrix all along The FTC, FCC and other government sticks get waved at tech Lizard Squad Finn who hacked the Vastaamo therapy chain gets sentenced And much, much more. This week’s sponsor is Zero Networks, who make a network micro-segmentation product that is actually usable. Zero Networks CEO Benny Lakunishok joins us to talk through why firewalling everything everywhere is finally workable. * You’ll forgive us for being… a tad sceptical.