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30 years of Debian

August 17, 2023 1:31:15 87.77 MB Downloads: 0

This week we’re talking with Jonathan Carter who’s on his fourth term as Debian Project Lead (DPL) and we’re talking about 30 years of Debian!

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - This week on The Changelog
(01:24) - Sponsor: Sentry
(04:57) - Start the show!
(06:17) - Debian Project Lead (DPL)
(10:03) - From Ubuntu to Debian
(15:09) - How does Debian work?
(17:59) - On-ramping marginalized contribs
(19:51) - Formulization of Debian
(23:04) - Stability of Trusted Organizations (TOs)
(27:55) - Who is "Bookworm"?
(31:54) - Sponsor: Tailscale
(35:30) - Free as in freedom (and beer)
(41:20) - What is a Linux distribution?
(45:30) - We need OS choice on mobile
(50:14) - Proxmox builds on Debian
(55:11) - Linux on Apple hardware
(58:59) - Feels on Ubuntu
(1:01:57) - Feels on Arch
(1:03:30) - The state of the enterprise Linux standard
(1:06:18) - Why not Debian?
(1:15:29) - What it takes to run for DPL?
(1:17:44) - Jonathan's day job
(1:21:07) - The human history of Debian
(1:27:13) - Consider Hackclub's model
(1:28:38) - Wrapping up
(1:29:09) - Outro