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OpenTF for an open Terraform

September 06, 2023 1:22:10 79.05 MB Downloads: 0

This week we’re talking about the launch of OpenTF and what it’s going to take to successfully fork HashiCorp’s Terraform. We’re joined by Josh Padnick to discuss what exactly happened, how HashiCorp’s license change changes things, who has been impacted by this change, and ultimately what they are doing about it.

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Show Notes:

We were going to link to the video where HashiCorp CEO Dave McJannet’s used the word “malicious” in regards to their strategy and actions towards the open source community, but it has been taken down. This was the link to the video with a timestamp jumping to the part in question -

This tweet/post from Bryan Cantrill brought this to the community’s attention.

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(00:00) - This week on The Changelog
(01:24) - Sponsor: Tailscale
(03:54) - Start the show!
(05:00) - HashiCorp changed Terraform's license
(06:58) - What is Terraform?
(10:58) - Why is Terraform important?
(17:19) - Is Gruntwork a HashiCorp competitor?
(19:28) - What if we just paid the license fee?
(26:42) - Sponsor: Sentry
(30:45) - Open source doing what it does best
(35:13) - OpenTF vs Terraform
(39:30) - What will it take to support this?
(42:11) - Adoption at the provider level
(46:25) - Capturing similar mindshare
(52:48) - Is there a merge potential?
(56:21) - Confidence in The Linux Foundation
(58:03) - Did HashiCorp see this coming?
(1:01:03) - What does a pledge mean?
(1:06:06) - What else is on the roadmap?
(1:08:33) - Do you have a release date?
(1:09:33) - Where can people gather?
(1:14:18) - No more rug-pulls!
(1:17:00) - Plans for KubeCon
(1:18:20) - Naming names behind OpenTF
(1:19:33) - Wrapping up
(1:20:14) - Outro