It was the most unlikely art heist of all time. Join some improbable detectives and one determined comic book dealer as they investigate the mysterious theft of the most important comic in the world ... a comic stolen from Nicolas Cage.

Introducing Ep1 of Sweet Daddy Grace: The Gospel According to Daddy

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Since she was a little girl, Marcy DePina felt drawn to a man called Daddy Grace, a charismatic immigrant from Cabo Verde, West Africa, who – during the violent Jim Crow and Civil Rights eras – traveled around the United States preaching, healing, and building his megachurch.  But who was Daddy Grace? For all his accomplishments, he seems to raise more questions than answers. Like why isn’t he more known and celebrated in the Cape Verdean community? And when Marcy brings him up to her family, why do some people refuse to talk about him? And most importantly: Marcy wants to know, are she and Daddy Grace actually related? Listen to Sweet Daddy Grace now on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts! For more on Sweet Daddy Grace, check out SweetDaddyGrace.comSee for privacy information.

Introducing Sweet Daddy Grace

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Hi, Stealing Superman fans! Learn more about Bishop Charles Manuel “Sweet Daddy” Grace who was once the richest Black man in America! Six decades after his death, his descendants grapple with his life and legacy. Listen now on Sweet Daddy Grace. About Remus: Sweet Daddy Grace: A personal deep dive into the life of Bishop Charles Manuel ‘Sweet Daddy’ Grace, an ambitious and gifted African immigrant and one of the 20th century’s most fascinating and overlooked figures. With hundreds of churches across the country and a congregation said to be upwards of three million, he was thought to be one of the richest Black men in America—but was he an anointed genius or a blasphemous opportunist? Marcy DePina lifts the veil on Sweet Daddy’s triumphs, scandals, and fascinating eccentricities—all the while trying to understand her own unique bond with him. Listen to Sweet Daddy Grace now on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts!See for privacy information.

Introducing: Founding Son John Quincy Adams America

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Bob Crawford of The Avett Brothers explores the post-presidential legacy of America’s sixth president: John Quincy Adams. Though often only seen as a failed one-term president and the son of a Founding Father, Adams spent his final decades in Congress fighting the slavocracy and forming a bridge between the founding of America and the era of Lincoln. Founding Son features Patrick Warburton as the voice of John Quincy Adams, Nick Offerman as the voice of Andrew Jackson, and Grey DeLisle as the voice of Louisa Adams. Listen to Founding Son: John Quincy Adams on the iHeartRadio App or wherever you get your podcasts. for privacy information.

Introducing: Bad Seeds

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Hi, Stealing Superman fans! The biggest black market you’ve never heard of might be blooming right under your nose. Bad Seeds explores a variety of cases involving illegal plant poaching and the larger environmental impact of plant smuggling. Listen to Bad Seeds now on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts! About Bad Seeds: “Bad Seeds” explores a variety of cases involving illegal plant poaching - from the US Fish and Wildlife catching obsessives stealing cacti to the Gibson Guitar lawsuit when the company purchased illegally harvested wood from Madagascar. Along with telling these stories, the show also focuses on the larger environmental impact of plant smuggling.See for privacy information.

2. Dialed Up

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Let’s look back at the internet communities that were thriving before MySpace — even before Friendster. Why did MySpace get ahead when there was strong competition from other social networks at the time?  To explore the earliest days of social media, Joanne is joined by investor and entrepreneur Benjamin Sun, who co-founded Asian Avenue in 1997, and Katie Notopoulos, senior technology reporter for BuzzFeedNews. See for privacy information.

1. Welcome to MySpace

March 16, 2023 0:30:24 29.31 MB Downloads: 0

The MySpace era was incredibly influential, and incredibly messy. And it remains largely underexplored. Young people talk about MySpace like a cool scene they wish they could have experienced. Like CBGB, or Studio 54. But before we get into the experiences that users had — from bored teens to up-and-coming musicians to soldiers stationed abroad — let’s start at the very beginning. Because MySpace does not have a typical Silicon Valley origin story.  Special thanks to our guests Julie Angwin (author of Stealing MySpace) and Taylor Lorenz (author of the forthcoming Extremely Online). You can share your MySpace story with Joanne McNeil on Twitter @jomc. See for privacy information.

Ep 2 – A Man Most Méchant

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While history books and Hollywood like their stories in simple black and white, real life is much more complicated. So, what made Major General Butler the ideal candidate to lead a coup? In this week’s episode – against Smedley’s wishes – Ben and Alex dive into the Major General’s dark backstory to explore why the bankers believed he was the man they were looking for.See for privacy information.

Introducing: Main Accounts: The Story of MySpace

March 08, 2023 0:3:20 3.32 MB Downloads: 0

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Let's Start a Coup! Ep1 – A Basket Full of Fascists

March 03, 2023 0:40:6 38.55 MB Downloads: 0

Nowadays, most people can agree that fascism is, well, a bad thing. But back in the 1930s, life absolutely sucked for most Americans, and fascism still had a sort of new car smell. Wall Street bankers were convinced they could take their country back from the clutches of ‘class traitors’ like Roosevelt, sink the New Deal and put the United States on a better – meaning more profitable – path.  They had the money. They had an army. Now all they needed was a leader.  See for privacy information.

Introducing: Let's Start A Coup!

March 01, 2023 0:1:56 1.92 MB Downloads: 0

What would you do if a secret cabal of the nation’s most powerful people asked you to overthrow the President? Weirdly enough – it’s not a hypothetical. It almost happened to FDR in the 1930s, were it not for a very intense, very problematic Marine named Major General Smedley Butler.  Join Ben Bowlin, Alex French, and a cast of historical characters brought to life by Joe Kinosian for a darkly comedic – and terrifying –​ retelling of one of the weirdest forgotten schemes in American history. Listen here or on the iHeartRadio app. See for privacy information.

Stealing Superman: Episode Eight — Special Farewell Issue

December 21, 2022 0:46:51 45.11 MB Downloads: 0

Nic Cage’s recovered copy of Action Comics #1 leaves a series of unanswered questions and prompts a reexamination of what really happened the night it went missing. Plus, we meet the billionaire Superman superfan who has the comic today.See for privacy information.

Stealing Superman: Episode Seven — Strange Visitor

December 14, 2022 0:48:13 46.41 MB Downloads: 0

Eleven years after going missing, Nicolas Cage’s copy of Action #1 reportedly surfaces in an abandoned storage locker in California. To confirm it, cops go undercover and discover a story almost too good to be true.  See for privacy information.

Stealing Superman: Episode Six — Another Planet

December 07, 2022 0:47:27 45.69 MB Downloads: 0

Long before Nicolas Cage's copy of Action #1 was stolen, high school pals Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster had to conjure up the character. But Superman may have never seen the light of day if not for a real crime that changed the duo’s lives forever.See for privacy information.

Stealing Superman: Episode Five — Now a Major Motion Picture

November 30, 2022 0:48:44 46.92 MB Downloads: 0

Nic Cage’s infamous comics heist proves irresistible to Hollywood, which mounts a film version of the theft — yet the finished movie has never been released. Plus: a different Superman origin story, about the time Cage donned the cape and tights. See for privacy information.

Bonus: The Boy Who Loved Superman

November 23, 2022 0:31:0 29.9 MB Downloads: 0

A Superman collector in Illinois is horrified to discover his entire collection has gone missing. As police search for the thief, the collecting community delivers their own brand of justice.See for privacy information.