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Frontend Feud: CSS Pod vs Whiskey Web and Whatnot (JS Party #285)

July 28, 2023 49:56 48.39 MB Downloads: 0

Una & Adam from The CSS Podcast defend their Frontend Feud title against challengers Chuck & Robbie from Whiskey Web and Whatnot. Let’s get it on!

So do we like Generics or not? (Go Time #286)

July 25, 2023 1:28:21 85.32 MB Downloads: 0

So, do we like generics or not? Some people feared they’d be the end of the language. Others were very hopeful, and had clear use cases, and were thrilled about the feature coming to the language. It was also often touted as the reason a lot of people didn’t adopt Go. So what do we think now? Mat and Kris are joined by Roger Peppe and Bryan Boreham to discuss the state of Generics in Go.

There's a new Llama in town (Practical AI #233)

July 25, 2023 48:13 46.49 MB Downloads: 1

It was an amazing week in AI news. Among other things, there is a new NeRF and a new Llama in town!!! Zip-NeRF can create some amazing 3D scenes based on 2D images, and Llama 2 from Meta promises to change the LLM landscape. Chris and Daniel dive into these and they compare some of the recently released OpenAI functionality to Anthropic’s Claude 2.

Supabase quietly went public, Twitter is now X, GitHub's Copilot Chat now in public preview & Oxide has homelab plans (in 2050) (Changelog News #54)

July 24, 2023 09:33 9.33 MB Downloads: 1

Our friends at Supabase quietly went public today, Redpoint’s InfraRed 100 report is out, Twitter is now X, GitHub’s Copilot Chat now in public preview (for businesses) & Oxide has homelab plans (in 2050).

Bringing the cloud on prem (Changelog & Friends #8)

July 21, 2023 1:37:24 93.68 MB Downloads: 0

Adam was out when Bryan made his podcast debut here on The Changelog, so we had to get him back on the show along with his co-founder and CEO Steve Tuck to discuss Silicon Valley (the TV show), all things Oxide, homelab possibilities, bringing the power of the cloud on prem, and more.

Storytime with Steve Yegge (Changelog Interviews #549)

July 20, 2023 1:43:07 99.16 MB Downloads: 0

This week it’s storytime with Steve Yegge! Steve came out of retirement to join Sourcegraph as Head of Engineering. Their next frontier is Cody, their AI coding assistant that answers code questions and writes code for you by reading your entire codebase and the code graph. But, we really spent a lot of time talking with Steve about his time at Amazon, Google, and Grab. Ok, it’s storytime!

This is going to be Lit 🔥 (JS Party #284)

July 20, 2023 1:00:03 58.1 MB Downloads: 0

Justin Fagnani joins us this week to talk about Lit, a library that helps you build web components. With 17% of pageviews in Chrome registering use of web components, Lit has gained widespread adoption across a variety of companies looking to create reusable components which leverage the power and interoperability of the web platform. Tune in to learn about what makes this tiny library so incredibly lit!

The tools we love (Go Time #285)

July 19, 2023 1:37:44 94.34 MB Downloads: 2

The Go ecosystem has a hoard of tools and editors for Gophers to choose from and it can be difficult to find ones that are a good fit for each individual. In this episode, we discuss what tools and editors we’re using, the ones we wish existed, how we go about finding new ones, and why we sometimes choose to write our own tools.

Legal consequences of generated content (Practical AI #232)

July 18, 2023 42:53 41.36 MB Downloads: 0

As a technologist, coder, and lawyer, few people are better equipped to discuss the legal and practical consequences of generative AI than Damien Riehl. He demonstrated this a couple years ago by generating and copyrighting every possible musical melody. Damien joins us to answer our many questions about generated content, copyright, dataset licensing/usage, and the future of knowledge work.

Magical shell history, engineers should focus on writing, LazyVim, CSS in 2023 & bad issue tracker behaviors (Changelog News #53)

July 17, 2023 07:00 7.32 MB Downloads: 0

Ellie Huxtable’s Atuin makes your shell history magical, Dmitry Kudryavtsev writes why he thinks engineers should focus on writing, LazyVim promises to transform your Neovim setup into a full-fleged IDE, Geoff Graham shares with Smashing Magazine how he writes CSS in 2023 & Brad Fitzpatrick collects a public list of bad issue track behaviors.

Dear Red Hat... (Changelog & Friends #7)

July 14, 2023 1:15:00 72.27 MB Downloads: 0

Red Hat’s decision to lock down RHEL sources behind a subscription paywall was met with much ire and opened opportunity for Oracle to get a smack in and SUSE to announce a fork with $10 million behind it. Few RHEL community members have been as publicly irate as Jeff Geerling, so we invited him on the show to discuss.

Fundamentals all the way down (JS Party #283)

July 14, 2023 1:07:04 64.84 MB Downloads: 0

Austin Gil returns to JS Party, bringing a fresh perspective on the fundamentals of file uploads. Brace for an insightful session as we navigate the complexities of this key JavaScript topic together, much like a dedicated coach drilling the fundamentals into his team!

Types will win in the end (Changelog Interviews #548)

July 13, 2023 1:05:00 62.57 MB Downloads: 0

This week we’re talking about type checking with Jake Zimmerman. Jake is one of the leads at Stripe working on Sorbet — an open source project that does Type checking in Ruby and runs over Stripe’s entire Ruby codebase. As of May of 2022 Stripe’s codebase was over 15 million lines of code spread across 150,000 files. If you think you have a bigger Ruby codebase, Jake is down to go byte-for-byte to see who wins. Jake shares tons of wisdom and more importantly he shares why he thinks types will win in the end.

A developer's toolkit for SOTA AI (Practical AI #231)

July 12, 2023 42:03 40.56 MB Downloads: 0

Chris sat down with Varun Mohan and Anshul Ramachandran, CEO / Cofounder and Lead of Enterprise and Partnership at Codeium, respectively. They discussed how to streamline and enable modern development in generative AI and large language models (LLMs). Their new tool, Codeium, was born out of the insights they gleaned from their work in GPU software and solutions development, particularly with respect to generative AI, large language models, and supporting infrastructure. Codium is a free AI-powered toolkit for developers, with in-house models and infrastructure - not another API wrapper.

Gophers Say! GopherCon EU 2023 (Go Time #284)

July 11, 2023 25:42 25.18 MB Downloads: 0

Our award winning worthy survey game show is back, this time Mat Ryer hosts it live on stage at GopherCon Europe 2023! Elena Grahovac joins forces with Björn Rabenstein to battle it out with Alice Merrick & Mohammed S. Al Sahaf. Let’s see who can better guess what the GopherCon Europe gophers had to say!