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The Changelog: Software Development, Open Source

The Changelog: Software Development, Open Source
Conversations with the hackers, leaders, and innovators of the software world. Hosts Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo face their imposter syndrome so you don’t have to. Expect in-depth interviews with the best and brightest in software engineering, open source, and leadership. This is a polyglot podcast. All programming languages, platforms, and communities are welcome. Open source moves fast. Keep up.

The Cynical Developer

The Cynical Developer
A UK based Technology and Software Developer Podcast that helps you to improve your development knowledge and career, through explaining the latest and greatest in development technology and providing you with what you need to succeed as a developer.

The Real Python Podcast

The Real Python Podcast
A weekly Python podcast hosted by Christopher Bailey with interviews, coding tips, and conversation with guests from the Python community. The show covers a wide range of topics including Python programming best practices, career tips, and related software development topics. Join us every Friday morning to hear what's new in the world of Python programming and become a more effective Pythonista.

Udio & the age of multi-modal AI (Practical AI #265)

April 16, 2024 38:54 37.54 MB Downloads: 0

2024 promises to be the year of multi-modal AI, and we are already seeing some amazing things. In this “fully connected” episode, Chris and Daniel explore the new Udio product/service for generating music. Then they dig into the differences between recent multi-modal efforts and more “traditional” ways of combining data modalities.

Devin's Upwork "side hustle" exposed (Changelog News #90)

April 15, 2024 07:10 7.72 MB Downloads: 0

YouTuber “Internet of Bugs” breaks down why AI “software engineer” Devin is no Upwork hero, Redka is Anton Zhiyanov’s attempt to reimplement Redis with SQLite, OpenTofu issues its response to Hashicorp’s Cease and Desist letter, Brian LeRoux introduces Enhance WASM & PumpkinOS is not your average PalmOS emulator.

More BMC goodness (Changelog & Friends #39)

April 13, 2024 1:16:45 73.85 MB Downloads: 0

Our beat freak in residence returns, this time to discuss the shiny new Dance Party album! We deconstruct its nostalgic mix, break down some of our favorite tracks & even learn that BMC is writing a mysterious book…

From Kubernetes to Nix (Ship It! #99)

April 13, 2024 1:14:28 71.75 MB Downloads: 0

Why would you want to switch your developer environments from containers to nix? Ádám from LastPass has a few reasons.

Replacing Git with Git (Changelog Interviews #586)

April 12, 2024 1:44:13 100.21 MB Downloads: 0

This week we’re talking to Scott Chacon, one of the co-founders of GitHub, to discuss the history and future of Git and Scott’s new project Git Butler, a branch manager tool that’s aiming to improve the developer experience of Git using Git. We also touch on the contentious topic of open source licensing and the challenges of defining “Open Source”, FSL vs GPL, and more.

Off to see the Wiz (JS Party #318)

April 11, 2024 55:24 53.74 MB Downloads: 0

How does Google build Search? What about YouTube and Google Drive? We rely on Chrome’s Lighthouse scores when optimizing our websites, but what does Google prioritize? Recently the Angular and Wiz teams announced their intention to responsibly merge their internal frontend framework, Wiz, with Angular to bring some of Wiz’s best ideas to Angular. We’re chatting with Minko from Angular and Jatin from the Wiz team to learn about how Wiz has been used in Google historically, what it’s good at, and why it’s worth bringing some of its ideas to Angular.

RAG continues to rise (Practical AI #264)

April 10, 2024 48:21 46.61 MB Downloads: 0

Daniel & Chris delight in conversation with “the funniest guy in AI”, Demetrios Brinkmann. Together they explore the results of the MLOps Community’s latest survey. They also preview the upcoming AI Quality Conference.

Ship software, not code (Go Time #311)

April 09, 2024 43:43 42.49 MB Downloads: 0

Natalie is joined by Carlos Becker (a Brazil-based software developer who maintains GoReleaser and other OSS software) to discuss how GOOS and GOARCH spark joy.

HashiCorp strikes back (Changelog News #89)

April 08, 2024 09:08 8.94 MB Downloads: 0

HashiCorp sends OpenTufu a nasty-gram in the wake of Matt Asay’s infringement claims, Polar is like Patreon but for software creators, a Common Corpus of LLM data is released on HuggingFace & Loki is an open source tool for fact verification.

Deploying projects vs products (Ship It! #98)

April 06, 2024 1:13:47 71.1 MB Downloads: 0

Verónica López, Kubernetes SIG Release tech lead & distributed systems engineer, joins Justin & Autumn to share her experiences deploying services at scale.

Kaizen! There goes my PgHero (Changelog & Friends #38)

April 05, 2024 1:22:51 79.71 MB Downloads: 0

Thisis our 14th Kaizen episode! Gerhard put some CDNs to the test, we’ve taken our next step with Postgres on Neon & Jerod pushed 55 commits (but 0 PRs)!

Getting to Resend (Changelog Interviews #585)

April 04, 2024 1:35:09 91.51 MB Downloads: 0

This week Adam is joined by Zeno Rocha — the creator of the beloved Dracula theme and Co-founder and CEO of Resend. They discuss his personal journey and the challenges of balancing work and family life, how becoming a parent has given him new perspectives and influenced his decision to start his own company, the role of citizenship and immigration in his journey, how he prepared for the Y Combinator interview, meeting Paul Graham, the challenges of sending email, and the future of Resend and the possibility of a Series A round.

The magic of a trace (Go Time #310)

April 03, 2024 49:24 47.94 MB Downloads: 0

Felix Geisendörfer & Michael Knyszek join Natalie to discuss Go execution traces: why they’re awesome, common use cases, how they’ve gotten better of late & more.

Should kids still learn to code? (Practical AI #263)

April 02, 2024 39:22 37.99 MB Downloads: 0

In this fully connected episode, Daniel & Chris discuss NVIDIA GTC keynote comments from CEO Jensen Huang about teaching kids to code. Then they dive into the notion of “community” in the AI world, before discussing challenges in the adoption of generative AI by non-technical people. They finish by addressing the evolving balance between generative AI interfaces and search engines.

Who in the world is Jia Tan? (Changelog News #88)

April 01, 2024 09:53 9.65 MB Downloads: 0

The big story right now is the recently uncovered backdoor in liblzma (aka XZ) – a relatively obscure compression library that happens to be a dependency of OpenSSH. This incident is noteworthy for so many reasons: the exploit itself, how it was deployed, how it was found, what it says about our industry & how the community reacted. Let’s dig in!