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Oracle smacks IBM over RHEL, a Slack clone in 5 lines of Bash, 13 ways to think about joins, llama.cpp learns web chat & Meta will pay to remove Python's GIL (Changelog News #52)

July 10, 2023 08:00 7.85 MB Downloads: 0

Oracle smacks IBM for their handling of RHEL, the folks at The Dam share a Slack clone in 5 lines of Bash, Justin Jaffray writes up 13 ways to think about joins, llama.cpp learns web chat thanks to a contribution by Tobi Lütke & Meta is willing to pay 3 engineers to remove Python’s GIL.

The massive bug at the heart of npm (JS Party #282)

July 07, 2023 1:03:03 60.98 MB Downloads: 0

Darcy Clarke, former GitHub Staff Engineering Manager and founder of vlt, joins us to discuss a major bug in the npm ecosystem that he recently disclosed. We cover the bug’s timeline, nuances, and impact, all while setting some important context on npm packages, clients, and registries. Tune in to learn how to protect your codebase and gain a deeper understanding of this crucial part of the JavaScript ecosystem.

Cambrian explosion of generative models (Practical AI #230)

July 06, 2023 42:13 40.73 MB Downloads: 0

In this Fully Connected episode, Daniel and Chris explore recent highlights from the current model proliferation wave sweeping the world - including Stable Diffusion XL, OpenChat, Zeroscope XL, and Salesforce XGen. They note the rapid rise of open models, and speculate that just as in open source software, open models will dominate the future. Such rapid advancement creates its own problems though, so they finish by itemizing concerns such as cybersecurity, workflow productivity, and impact on human culture.

Efficient Linux at the CLI (Changelog Interviews #547)

July 06, 2023 1:22:56 79.79 MB Downloads: 0

This week we’re talking to Daniel J. Barrett, author of Efficient Linux at the Command Line as well as many other books. Daniel has a PhD and has been teaching and writing about Linux for more than 30 years (almost 40!). So we invited Dan to join us on the show to talk about efficient ways to use Linux. He teaches us about combining commands, re-running commands, $CDPATH hacks, and more.

The solo gopher (Go Time #283)

July 05, 2023 57:23 55.6 MB Downloads: 0

Many Gophers build projects as a team of one. Sometimes these are side projects, other times they are projects used by millions of people but who are still maintained by a single individual. In this episode, the panel discusses techniques for developing and maintaining Go projects as a solo developer.

Streak redemption, vectors are the new JSON, CommonJS is hurting JavaScript & the rise of the AI Engineer (Changelog News #51)

July 03, 2023 06:20 6.25 MB Downloads: 0

Lukas Mathis writes about streak redemption, Jonathan Katz thinks vectors are the new JSON, Andy Jiang says CommonJS is hurting JavaScript & Swyx on the rise of the AI Engineer.

Even the best rides come to an end (Changelog & Friends #6)

June 30, 2023 1:28:53 85.5 MB Downloads: 0

On Monday, Kelsey Hightower announced his retirement from Google. On Tuesday, he sat down with us to discuss why, how & what’s next. Along the way, Kelsey teaches us how not to suck at work, analyzes his magical demos, fights off the haters (again) & opines on System Initiative, Dagger & 37Signals moving off the cloud.

K8s vs serverless for distributed systems (Go Time #282)

June 29, 2023 47:22 45.99 MB Downloads: 0

Listener Joe Davidson recently tweeted: “I’d really be interested in an episode debating Kubernetes vs serverless functions for distributed systems. As someone working a lot with serverless to create large scale systems, for me the complexity in Kubernetes doesn’t seem worth it, especially when onboarding new people. But I’d like to see it from the other perspectives. I could be missing something.” So we invited Joe on the show alongside Abdel Sghiouar and Srdjan Petrovic to discuss!

Don't make things worse! (Changelog Interviews #546)

June 28, 2023 1:07:08 64.75 MB Downloads: 0

Taylor Troesh joins Jerod to discuss a bevy of software development topics: yak shaves, dependency selection, -10x engineers, IKEA-oriented development, his new content-addressable programming language & much more along the way.

Automated cartography using AI (Practical AI #229)

June 28, 2023 44:38 43.06 MB Downloads: 0

Your feed might be dominated by LLMs these days, but there are some amazing things happening in computer vision that you shouldn’t ignore! In this episode, we bring you one of those amazing stories from Gabriel Ortiz, who is working with the government of Cantabria in Spain to automate cartography and apply AI to geospatial analysis. We hear about how AI tooling fits into the GIS workflow, and Gabriel shares some of his recent work (including work that can identify individual people, invasive plant species, building and more from aerial survey data).

AI poisoned its own well, libraries to UnsuckJS, we need more Richard Stallman & ChatGPT package hallucination (Changelog News #50)

June 26, 2023 08:03 7.9 MB Downloads: 0

Tracy Durnell thinks AI has already poisoned its own well, Adam Hill’s microsite catalogs everything you need to UnsuckJS, Lionel Dricot thinks we need more Richard Stallman, not less & the Vulcan team proves you can’t trust ChatGPT’s package recommendations.

There's a whole PEP about that (Changelog & Friends #5)

June 23, 2023 1:31:07 87.64 MB Downloads: 0

Brett Cannon (our unofficial ambassador to the Python community) is here to help alleviate our pip install anxiety. Along the way, we ask him about Python 4, removing the GIL, what he thinks about Chris Lattner’s Mojo project, Rust in the Python world & way more (of course).

Is print debugging good enough? (JS Party #281)

June 22, 2023 1:01:10 59.18 MB Downloads: 0

Let’s debate debugging techniques! Do you print debug or dive deep into debugging tools? KBall & Jerod argue that print statements are all you need while Amal & guest Eric Clemmons take the other side. Who will win and why will it be Jerod? 😉

Rebuilding DevOps from the ground up (Changelog Interviews #545)

June 22, 2023 1:27:48 84.45 MB Downloads: 0

This week we’re joined by Adam Jacob and we’re talking about his mission at System Initiative to rebuild DevOps. They are out of stealth mode and ready to show off their transformative new power tool that reimagines what’s possible from DevOps. It’s an intelligent automation platform that allows DevOps teams to build detailed interactive simulations of their infrastructure and use them to rapidly update their production environments.

Neurodiverse gophers (Go Time #281)

June 21, 2023 1:13:53 71.45 MB Downloads: 0

Kaylyn Gibilterra returns as Natalie & the gang take our diversity conversation one step further. This time we’re talking about neurodiversity as it relates to being a developer, a manager, a conference participant & more.