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30 years of Debian (Changelog Interviews #553)

August 17, 2023 1:31:15 87.77 MB Downloads: 0

This week we’re talking with Jonathan Carter who’s on his fourth term as Debian Project Lead (DPL) and we’re talking about 30 years of Debian!

HashiCorp means business (source), why Tailwind won, WarpStream, managing difficult devs & an update on Go 2 (Changelog News #57)

August 14, 2023 08:04 7.91 MB Downloads: 0

HashiCorp adopts a Business Source license, Matt Rickard hypothesizes why Tailwind CSS won, WarpStream sets out to make a Kafka-compatible offering directly on S3, Vadim Kravcenko publishes an excellent guide for managing difficult software engineers & Russ Cox gives an update on Go 2.

Kaizen! S3 R2 B2 D2 (Changelog & Friends #10)

August 11, 2023 1:19:15 76.25 MB Downloads: 0

Gerhard joins us for the 11th Kaizen and this one might contain the most improvements ever. We’re on Fly Apps V2, we’ve moved from S3 to R2 & we have a status page now, just to name a few.

A deep dive into Go's stack (Go Time #288)

August 11, 2023 1:12:51 70.45 MB Downloads: 0

A technical dive into how the Go stack works and why we as programmers should care.

Take me to Val Town (JS Party #287)

August 10, 2023 1:00:18 58.34 MB Downloads: 0

Val Town is a shiny, new social programming environment to write, run, deploy and share code. Steve Krouse –Val Town creator– joins Jerod & Amal to tell us all about it.

Thinking outside the box of code (Changelog Interviews #552)

August 09, 2023 1:08:08 65.58 MB Downloads: 0

Leslie Lamport is a computer scientist & mathematician who won ACM’s Turing Award in 2013 for his fundamental contributions to the theory and practice of distributed and concurrent systems. He also created LaTeX and TLA+, a high-level language for “writing down the ideas that go into the program before you do any coding.”

Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights (Practical AI #235)

August 09, 2023 41:40 40.21 MB Downloads: 0

In this Fully Connected episode, Daniel and Chris kick it off by noting that Stability AI released their SDXL 1.0 LLM! They discuss its virtues, and then dive into a discussion regarding how the United States, European Union, and other entities are approaching governance of AI through new laws and legal frameworks. In particular, they review the White House’s approach, noting the potential for unexpected consequences.

The open source licensing war is over, Tailwind components for your AI app, Mac mini modded to use PoE, Apple joins OpenUSD alliance & picking the worst tool for the job (Changelog News #56)

August 07, 2023 07:41 7.55 MB Downloads: 0

Matt Asay thinks the open source licensing war is over, LangUI is an open source Tailwind component library for your AI chat app, Ivan Kuleshov modded a Mac mini to run via PoE, Apple joins Pixar and others in the Alliance for OpenUSD & John D. Cook says sometimes you shouldn’t pick the best tool for the job.

DX on DX (Changelog Interviews #551)

August 03, 2023 1:36:59 93.27 MB Downloads: 0

This week Adam is joined by Abi Noda, founder and CEO of DX to talk about DX AKA DevEx (or the long-form Developer Experience). Since the dawn of software development there has been this push to understand what makes software teams efficient, but more importantly what does it take to understand developer productivity? That’s what Abi has been focused on for the better part of the last 8 years of his career. He started a company called Pull Panda that was acquired by GitHub, spent a few years there on this problem before going out on his own to start DX which helps startups to the fortune 500 companies gather real insights that leads to real improvement.

An intimate conversation about careers (JS Party #286)

August 03, 2023 1:01:44 59.72 MB Downloads: 0

KBall and Amal go deep on careers. They share their career journeys, talk through learnings and mishaps that happened along the way, and break down key factors to understand about big role transitions like “Senior->Staff” as well as “Engineer->Manager”.

Building world-class developer experiences (Go Time #287)

August 02, 2023 1:20:20 77.63 MB Downloads: 0

Today we’re talking with Alice Merrick & Andy Walker about building a world-class developer experience. You know it when you see it, things just feel right. But it’s more than just a pleasant UI or lipstick on a pig (which is a saying), it really matters.

Vector databases (beyond the hype) (Practical AI #234)

August 01, 2023 51:31 49.66 MB Downloads: 0

There’s so much talk (and hype) these days about vector databases. We thought it would be timely and practical to have someone on the show that has been hands on with the various options and actually tried to build applications leveraging vector search. Prashanth Rao is a real practitioner that has spent and huge amount of time exploring the expanding set of vector database offerings. After introducing vector database and giving us a mental model of how they fit in with other datastores, Prashanth digs into the trade offs as related to indices, hosting options, embedding vs. query optimization, and more.

Stack Underflow, LLM Attacks, web DRM by Google, unlocking Python & no one wants to talk to your chatbot (Changelog News #55)

July 31, 2023 09:12 9.01 MB Downloads: 0

Something interesting is going on at Stack Overflow, researches dig up some new (and potentially unavoidable) LLM attacks, Google proposes a new API that Ron Amadeo calls a DRM gatekeeper for the web, the Python Steering Council affirms PEP 703 & Lucas McGregor writes why no one wants to talk to your chatbot.

Homelab nerds, unite! (Changelog & Friends #9)

July 28, 2023 1:34:18 90.69 MB Downloads: 0

Ok Homelabbers, it’s time to unite! Join Adam and his new friend Techno Tim for 1.5 hours of homelab goodness. From networking and WiFi, virtualizing Ubuntu running Docker containers, to Home Assistant and automation, building a Kubernetes cluster, to gutting a perfectly good machine just to build exactly what you need to run the ultimate Plex server — that’s what homelab is about. Let’s do this.

From Docker to Dagger (Changelog Interviews #550)

July 28, 2023 1:33:35 90.01 MB Downloads: 0

This week we’re joined by Solomon Hykes, the creator of Docker. Now he’s back with his next big thing called Dagger — CI/CD as code that runs anywhere. We’re users of Dagger so check out our codebase if you want to see how it works. On today’s show Solomon takes us back to the days of Docker, what it was like on that 10 year journey, his transition from Docker to Dagger, Dagger’s community-led growth model, their focus on open source and community, how it works, and even a cameo from Kelsey Hightower to explain how Dagger works.