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The Changelog: Software Development, Open Source

The Changelog: Software Development, Open Source
Conversations with the hackers, leaders, and innovators of the software world. Hosts Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo face their imposter syndrome so you don’t have to. Expect in-depth interviews with the best and brightest in software engineering, open source, and leadership. This is a polyglot podcast. All programming languages, platforms, and communities are welcome. Open source moves fast. Keep up.

Go Time: Golang, Software Engineering

Go Time: Golang, Software Engineering
Your source for diverse discussions from around the Go community. This show records LIVE every Tuesday at 3pm US Eastern. Join the Golang community and chat with us during the show in the #gotimefm channel of Gophers slack. Panelists include Mat Ryer, Jon Calhoun, Carmen Andoh, Johnny Boursiquot, Angelica Hill, Mark Bates, Kris Brandow, and Natalie Pistunovich. We discuss cloud infrastructure, distributed systems, microservices, Kubernetes, Docker… oh and also Go! Some people search for GoTime or GoTimeFM and can’t find the show, so now the strings GoTime and GoTimeFM are in our description too.

The Cynical Developer

The Cynical Developer
A UK based Technology and Software Developer Podcast that helps you to improve your development knowledge and career, through explaining the latest and greatest in development technology and providing you with what you need to succeed as a developer.

Hyperventilating over the Gartner AI Hype Cycle (Practical AI #279)

July 24, 2024 55:11 10.5 MB ( 42.68 MB less) Downloads: 0

This week Daniel & Chris hang with repeat guest and good friend Demetrios Brinkmann of the MLOps Community. Together they review, debate, and poke fun at the 2024 Gartner Hype Cycle chart for Artificial Intelligence. You are invited to join them in this light-hearted fun conversation about the state of hype in artificial intelligence.

The man behind the Sandwich (Changelog Interviews #601)

July 24, 2024 1:39:30 18.98 MB ( 76.7 MB less) Downloads: 0

Adam Lisagor (Sandwich Video founder) takes us behind the Sandwich to share his insights into the importance of storytelling in the tech industry, the value of helping Founders communicate their stories effectively, the details behind his new AI company, and the apps he's making for Apple Vision Pro at Sandwich Vision.

Aha moments reading Go's source: Part 2 (Go Time #324)

July 24, 2024 48:24 9.13 MB ( 37.84 MB less) Downloads: 0

Jesús Espino from Mattermost tells Natalie all about (the final four of) his 10 “aha moments” he had reading the Go source code. Don't miss Part 1!

Windows 3.1 keeps Southwest flying high (Changelog News #104)

July 22, 2024 08:17 1.58 MB ( 6.54 MB less) Downloads: 0

Brendan Gregg details how eBPF can help us have no more blue Fridays, Misty De Meo thinks GitHub is starting to feel like legacy software, Gavin D. Howard does not want Rust to be used for everything, The Notion team published a deep dive into how they used the WASM version of SQLite to improve browser performance & Gregor Ojstersek writes up how to build good relationships inside and outside your engineering teams.

There’s a TUI for that (Changelog & Friends #53)

July 19, 2024 1:53:12 21.54 MB ( 87.29 MB less) Downloads: 0

Nick Janetakis is back and this time we're talking about TUIs (text-based user interfaces) — some we've tried and some we plan to try. All are collected from Justin Garrison's Awesome TUIs repo on GitHub. This episode is "AI free."

GitLab's infrastructure (Ship It! #113)

July 19, 2024 1:00:39 11.4 MB ( 47.04 MB less) Downloads: 0

GitLab has changed a lot over the past 8 years and so has Abubakar. Starting in the help desk he's seen a lot and takes us through GitLab's and his progression.

Building LLM agents in JS (JS Party #331)

July 18, 2024 59:26 11.41 MB ( 46.13 MB less) Downloads: 0

KBall and returning guest Tejas Kumar dive into the topic of building LLM agents using JavaScript. What they are, how they can be useful (including how Tejas used home-built agents to double his podcasting productivity) & how to get started building and running your own agents, even all on your own device with local models.

Aha moments reading Go's source: Part 1 (Go Time #323)

July 18, 2024 46:36 8.76 MB ( 36.49 MB less) Downloads: 0

Jesús Espino from Mattermost tells Natalie all about (the first six of) his 10 "aha moments" he had reading the Go source code. Part 2 (with the rest of his aha moments) coming soon!

The first real-time voice assistant (Practical AI #278)

July 18, 2024 43:23 8.26 MB ( 33.58 MB less) Downloads: 0

In the midst of the demos & discussion about OpenAI's GPT-4o voice assistant, Kyutai swooped in to release the *first* real-time AI voice assistant model and a pretty slick demo (Moshi). Chris & Daniel discuss what this more open approach to a voice assistant might catalyze. They also discuss recent changes to Gartner's ranking of GenAI on their hype cycle.

What even is the modern data stack (Changelog Interviews #600)

July 17, 2024 1:12:05 13.88 MB ( 55.53 MB less) Downloads: 0

Benn Stancil’s weekly Substack on data and technology provides a fascinating perspective on the modern data stack & the industry building it. On this episode, Benn joins Jerod to dissect a few of his essays, discuss opportunities he sees during this slowdown & discuss why he thinks maybe we should disband the analytics team.

The six dumbest ideas in computer security (Changelog News #103)

July 15, 2024 08:14 1.55 MB ( 6.81 MB less) Downloads: 0

Marcus J. Ranum’s 2005 post on dumb ideas in computer security still holds up, Barry Jones argues why story points are useless, Posting is an HTTP client as a TUI, Varnish ceator Poul-Henning Kamp (phk) reflects on ten years of working on the HTTP cache & es-tookit is a major upgrade to Lodash.

Last DevRel standing (Changelog & Friends #52)

July 12, 2024 1:33:23 89.82 MB Downloads: 0

Shawn “swyx” Wang is back to talk with us about the state of DevRel according to ZIRP (the Zero Interest Rate Phenomenon), the data that backs up the rise and fall of job openings, whether or not DevRel dead or dying, speculation of the near-term arrival of AGI, AI Engineering as the last job standing, the innovation from Cognition with Devin as well as their mis-steps during Devin’s launch, and what’s to come in the next innovation round of AI.

Spilling the git tea (Ship It! #112)

July 12, 2024 1:13:00 70.3 MB Downloads: 0

Git was designed to be distributed but there is a lot of gravity around GitHub. What does the model look like for a business that encourages you to run your own git server and what does the backend for look like?

It all starts with Postgres (Changelog Interviews #599)

July 11, 2024 1:34:47 91.16 MB Downloads: 0

Paul Copplestone, CEO of Supabase (the meme-lord himself), joins the show to take us on the journey of Supabase leading Postgres for life, and how it all starts with Postgres as the base-layer substrate for the entire Supabase platform. They’re laser focused on the drive ahead, not the rear-view mirror. Disclosure: Adam and Jerod are angel investors in Supabase.

The Ember take on recent hot topics (JS Party #330)

July 11, 2024 1:22:56 80.08 MB Downloads: 0

KBall takes another dive into recent hot topics around reactivity and build systems, this time with three members of the Ember core team. They also talk about some of the reasons why the Ember community has been so long lived, how thinking about upgradeability leads to universality, and how features first built specifically for frameworks make their way into the language specification or universal libraries.